760127647   |   P-012-DZ-5L-FSUAQ

Plenum Distribution Cable, interlocking aluminum armored with plenum jacket, 12 fiber single-unit

CommScope® FiberGuard® Interlocking Armored Distribution Cable
Available aluminum interlocking armor with an outer jacket
For installations where conduit or innerduct are typically installed, CommScope offers premise fiber optic cables inside an interlocking armor that provides protection against damage due to extreme conditions. This construction can eliminate the need for installing conventional conduit or innerduct and then pulling in the fiber optic cable, thus reducing the overall time and cost of the installation.
CommScope's FiberGuard Interlocking Armored Cable offers outstanding mechanical protection for sensitive cables combined with excellent flexibility and reduces the potential of data transmission loss/failures caused by accidental cut through, crushing, mechanical vibration and rub through damage via adjacent cables or other objects.

Applications: • Local Area Networks • Factory Automation • Critical Data Lines • Video, Robotics • Commercial Construction or Renovations (Schools, Health Care) • Heavy Industry: Mining, Pulp & Paper, Petro-chemical • High Security Areas: Hospitals, Military Installations, Financial Centers, Casinos
  • Flame Rating: NEC & CEC compliant for OFCR, OFCP and OFCR-LS (Limited Smoke)
  • Outer jacket colored for easy identification
  • Printing on outer jacket for ease of identification with sequential length marking in feet or meters
  • Indoor cable constructions