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General Specifications  
Product Type   1-BTS:2-ANT (Diplex)
Modularity   2-Twin
Includes   Mounting hardware
Electrical Specifications
Sub-module1 | 21 | 21 | 2
License BandAPT 700, Band Pass
CEL 850, Band Pass
EDD 800, Band Pass
LMR 750, Band Pass
LMR 800, Band Pass
USA 700, Band Pass
USA 750, Band Pass
AWS 1700, LNA
PCS 1900, LNA
Electrical Specifications Rx (Uplink)
Frequency Range 1710–1755 MHz
1850–1910 MHz
Bandwidth 45.00 MHz60.00 MHz
Gain, nominal 12.0 dB12.0 dB
Gain Tolerance ±1.0 dB±1.0 dB
Gain Adjustment Range 4–12 dB4–12 dB
Gain Adjustment Range Increments 1.0 dB1.0 dB
Noise Figure, typical 1.3 dB1.5 dB
Noise Figure at 8 dB, typical 1.6 dB1.8 dB
Noise Figure at 4 dB, typical 2.1 dB2.3 dB
Total Group Delay, maximum 50 ns130 ns
Return Loss, typical 24 dB24 dB
Return Loss at 8 dB, typical 22 dB22 dB
Return Loss at 4 dB, typical 18 dB18 dB
Insertion Loss - Bypass Mode, typical 1.9 dB2.9 dB
Return Loss - Bypass Mode, typical 16 dB16 dB
Electrical Specifications Tx (Downlink)
Frequency Range 2110–2155 MHz
1930–1990 MHz
Bandwidth 45.00 MHz60.00 MHz
Insertion Loss, maximum 0.25 dB0.60 dB
Total Group Delay, maximum 15 ns50 ns
Return Loss, minimum 20 dB20 dB
Input Power, RMS, maximum 200 W200 W
Input Power, PEP, maximum 3000 W3000 W
3rd Order PIM, maximum  -110 dBm
3rd Order PIM Test Method  Two +43 dBm carriers
Electrical Specifications, Band Pass
Frequency Range698–894 MHz
Insertion Loss, maximum0.30 dB  
Insertion Loss, typical0.20 dB  
Total Group Delay, maximum15 ns  
Return Loss, minimum20 dB  
Isolation, minimum40 dB  
Input Power, RMS, maximum200 W  
Input Power, PEP, maximum3000 W  
3rd Order PIM, maximum-110 dBm  
3rd Order PIM Test MethodTwo +43 dBm carriers
AISG Electrical Specifications  
Voltage, AISG Mode   10–30 Vdc
Default Protocol   AISG 2.0
Protocol   AISG 1.1   |   AISG 2.0
AISG Carrier   2.176 MHz ± 100 ppm
dc Power/Alarm Electrical Specifications  
Voltage   7–30 Vdc
Voltage, CWA Mode   10–18 Vdc
dc Switching/Redundancy   No
Operating Current at Voltage   105 mA @ 12 V   |   55 mA @ 24 V
Operating Current Tolerance   ±15 mA
Alarm Current, CWA Mode   180–200 mA @ 10–18 V
Lightning Surge Current   5 kA
Lightning Surge Current Waveform   8/20 waveform
Block Diagram  
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Mechanical Specifications  
RF Connector Interface   7-16 DIN Female
RF Connector Interface Body Style   Long neck
Ground Screw Diameter   6.00 mm
Color   Gray
Finish   Painted
Mounting Pipe Diameter   50–120 mm
Mounting Pipe Hardware   Band clamps (2)
Wind Loading, maximum   60 N @ 115 km/h
13 lbf @ 115 km/h
Wind Speed, maximum   67 m/s
Height   255.0 mm   |   10.0 in
Width   236.0 mm   |   9.3 in
Depth   123.0 mm   |   4.8 in
Weight   10.2 kg   |   22.5 lb
Environmental Specifications  
Operating Temperature   -40 °C to +65 °C (-40 °F to +149 °F)
Relative Humidity   Up to 100%
Ingress Protection Test Method   IEC 60529:2001, IP67
Outline Drawing  
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