Copper Module and Wiring Block Tools

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CommScope provides tools and accessories for easy installation, repair and maintenance of copper and coax networks.

Insertion and extraction tools

  • used in connector housings for inserting or removing discrete terminals
  • designed to work without causing damage to either terminals or housings
  • most feature a comfortable handle, with a snap-in, snap-out protective cover allowing users to stow the business end of the tool and avoid accidental injury when not in use.

CommScope offers insertion and extraction tools for most of our product families, including MATE-N-LOK, AMPLIMATE Subminiature D, Type III+, Power Timer families, MQS, and many more.

Cable ties

  • wide variety of cable ties—useful in many industries for bundling and mounting of wires, cables, and harnesses
  • tough, smooth polyamide cable ties may be used for indoor and outdoor applications
  • black, UV-resistant ties are recommended for outdoor use
  • steel cable ties are often used in marine or underground cable applications

Selected products are powder coated to give corrosion resistance; the coating also acts as a barrier to avoid corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Copper inline connectors

PICABOND® connectors provide an economical and reliable means of splicing multiconductor telephone cable.

  • lightweight and compact splices
  • reduce the space required over other splicing techniques by up to 33 percent
  • no pre-stripping or cutting required, can tap without service interruptions
  • color-coded to indicate size and type of wire
  • lower applied cost, minimum training required
  • multiple applications: central office, manhole, aerial pole, pedestal, demarcation points