Universal Tools

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Versatile hand tools/rugged and flexible cable and wiring labeling

CommScope designs and manufactures a wide variety of hand tools for networking, residential cabling, security, and telecommunications applications. Our wire and cable cutting and stripping tools, termination and crimping tools, mod plug tooling, impact tools, telecom tools, and testers have earned the confidence of technicians in many industries.

Our versatile mod plug hand tool terminates 4-, 6-, and 8-position Category 3, Category 5, and Category 5E mod plug connectors with interchangeable dies. The useful JacKnack tool makes it easy to untwist twisted wire pairs. Mod plug and mod jack hand tools and kits for mod plug and mod jack connectors are also available. 

CommScope’s hand tool repair and certification service maintains hand tools for maximum performance and efficiency. CERTI-CRIMP hand tools, pneumatic and hydraulic hand tools, crimping heads, and die sets all benefit from factory or onsite service. 

CommScope offers complete cable and wiring identification and labeling solutions for many applications. Our array of flexible options includes adhesive-backed labels, heat-shrinkable sleeves, cable markers, and hardware and software systems for onsite customization.