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High-density, flexible optical distribution frames

Managing high fiber counts on a small footprint

Today’s central office and data center environments require the management of high fiber counts. Equipment that can help you balance termination density with circuit accessibility will speed your fiber installation and lower overall deployment cost.

Optical distribution frame

The NG4access® optical distribution frame provides fiber termination density and outstanding circuit accessibility. It delivers equal front and rear technician access, the ability to mix and match fiber connector types within each frame chassis, and industry-leading termination density. The NG4access ODF also allows faster deployment and delivery, while minimizing labor requirements.

Features & benefits

  • Easy access to all cables and connectors for rapid routing and connection, turn-ups, and maintenance
  • Reduced bend-radius fiber lowers attenuation caused from tight bends and frequent handling
  • MPO module accepts LC-24 or SC-12 connectors and features a low-loss MPO connector for easy connections
  • Build-as-you-grow fiber capacity

The NG4access full solution also consists of a universal chassis, an adapter pack and cabled module solution.

Universal adapter pack
The NG4access universal adapter pack is designed to accept singlemode, multimode, angled, and ultra-polished connectors. Its staggered adapter pack design makes for easier fiber identification and access.

An equal-access frame
The NG4access frame offers equal access to connectors and cable on the front and rear sides of the frame, a first in the industry. Each frame holds six universal chassis, and each chassis supports up to 576 (LC) or 288 (SC) connections. Each chassis includes up to 24 access trays.

A single click
LC and SC cabled modules are preterminated with IFC cable or 24-fiber microcable. Using the LC cabled module, an installer can route a 144-fiber IFC cable to the frame with a single click. In contrast, a legacy ODF solution would require an installer to route 144 individual connectors and make 144 separate terminations—a much more labor-intensive proposition.

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