​Ask school administrators and esports coaches—esports can improve student engagement, attendance and retention. It can help students learn teamwork and build problem-solving and leadership skills. Esports programs can even help students develop a wide variety of STEM skills and interest in new STEM-related career paths.

A high-performance digital playing field is imperative for gamers at any level of play. Network performance is not just about high-speed connections. Unless you can ensure low latency, low ping and minimal jitter, it won’t matter how skilled your team is—players can’t excel, no matter how skilled they are.

Let CommScope help you build a winning digital playing field to meet your esports goals.

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We’re sponsoring NASEF
NASEF is the leading non-profit for esports curriculum development and training. Together, we’re working to reach more students with STEAM learning and ensure that your network is esports-ready. Learn more


Can your esports program help students develop a wide variety of STEAM skills? Are there best practices for esports curriculum development? Join the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF).

Learn more about the NASEF, CommScope Ruckus Networks and Skillshot Media collaboration.



Designing future esports stadiums

Esports stadiums can achieve up to a four-fold capacity increase in dense scenarios with data stream rates of over 10 Gbit/s with Wi-Fi 6 APs and switches.

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Esports Wi-Fi FTW!

Esports stadiums and arenas present an extremely demanding environment for wireless networks. 802.11ax will help, but legacy devices with similar efficiencies can bridge the gap to adoption and future proof your infrastructure. Our proprietary features give stadiums the edge they need in a highly competitive market.

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Playing esports for STEM and scholarships

Esports is an example of digital learning that offers students and teachers an exciting opportunity to gain collaborative skills in an unconventional and dynamic environment.

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Low-Latency DOCSIS: Gaming and Beyond

In our latest update software release, E6000 operators will be able to prioritize sensitive low latency traffic over traditional internet traffic such as streaming video and cam feeds. It’s just another way CommScope is helping our operators to build the broadband networks of the future. Ram Ranganathan explains in this blog.

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Staying in the Game with Philly Fusion

CommScope has extended its sponsorship for the esports team Philadelphia Fusion in the 2020 Overwatch league. The season starts against the Washington Justice.

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Navigating Public Funding for Higher Education & esports Initiatives

During this hour long event, we’ll explore the esports funding landscape and exciting developments in campus gaming technology. We’ll also talk about tips and tricks for getting these solutions funded.

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Esports Sponsorship

We believe in esports. We’re proud to be an official sponsor of the Philadelphia Fusion professional Overwatch League team. Esports is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It’s demanding. It’s global. And it’s all about having the fastest connection and best technology.

CommScope Makes Fiber Optic History at Golden 1 Center

Sacramento Kings’ New Tech-Smart Arena Is World’s First Installation of Wideband Multimode Fiber

Why CommScope

Market leader

From world-class fiber infrastructure to all-digital distributed antenna systems (DAS) and Wi-Fi—across major airports, railways, metros, bridges, tunnels and a majority of NFL stadiums and Super Bowl locations—tap into our innovation and experience in connecting the world’s largest, tallest and most difficult-to-cover venues.

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End-to-end capabilities

CommScope provides an unsurpassed end-to-end solution for large venues including fiber and copper cabling and connectivity, indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, Wi-Fi, switching, complemented by expert project management and engineering support.

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When it comes to network infrastructure, our visionary perspective means your large-venue solution is built for the long haul—5G, Wi-Fi 6 and beyond. It’s our job to know what’s next.