We’re passionate about the success of your network

At CommScope, we provide proven solutions to help our customers better connect with their customers. Our experts are rethinking the purpose, role and usage of enterprise, data center, wireless and wireline networks to help our customers increase bandwidth, expand capacity, enhance efficiency, speed deployment and simplify migration. It is our passion.

Solutions for enterprise buildings, large venues and campus networks; in-building wireless, automated infrastructure management, structured cabling, fiber optic cables and apparatus.

Solutions for multi tenant, enterprise, service and cloud providers; automated infrastructure management, pre-terminated fiber and copper, fiber raceway, structured cabling.

Wireless network solutions

Solutions for backhaul, in-building wireless, macro cell sites, outdoor small cell sites, power solutions and spectrum management.

Solutions for central office and headend, FTTX access, HFC access and telecom copper solutions.



Building the 5G networks of the future: antennas and RF path, in-building wireless, outdoor small cells, fiber infrastructure, spectrum management and deployment economics.

Creating solutions to increase speed, simplicity and savings when rolling out fiber optic networks.

Providing emerging technology, network and communication needs for Generation Z.

Communication technologies for connected communities: DAS small cells, large venues, residential/MDU, central offices, microwave backhaul, power solutions, cloud data centers and more.

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