Power forward with the speed and agility of Propel, the high-speed fiber platform

Fast, flexible and future ready

400G/800G migration, increased reliability requirements, rising deployment and maintenance costs—staying ahead of your data center’s infrastructure challenges is tough. CommScope makes it easier with Propel™, the end-to-end, ultra-low loss, modular structured cabling fiber platform that easily and quickly adapts to all of your network challenges.

Propel features high-density fiber panels, interchangeable modules and adapters, and multimode/singlemode fiber trunks and assemblies. With MPO16 fiber cabling and connectivity, you can seamlessly migrate to more efficient 400G/800G deployments while fully supporting your legacy 8-, 4- and 2-fiber applications.

Ultra-low loss

As data speeds increase, so too does the need for ultra-low-loss optical performance. From component design to manufacturing and testing, Propel helps maintain your link budgets at any speed.


Supporting the changes in your data center environment means maximizing your design options with a minimum number of parts. Propel’s modular design gives you the flexibility to adapt while simplifying and accelerating deployment.

Future ready

Changes in network requirements are becoming more frequent and demanding. Propel provides the modular flexibility and future-ready support to adapt to major upgrades and migrations quickly and easily.

Performance guaranteed

Before investing in a new physical layer platform, you have to know with certainty that it will do everything you need. With Propel, you don’t just have our word; you’ve got the support of CommScope’s iron-clad Performance Assurance guarantee.

Get more flexibility, functionality and speed—upgrade after upgrade, migration after migration. Propel makes it possible.
Propel – keep moving forward
Propel installation video
Modules and adapter packs

Propel’s modular high-density panels are designed for fast, easy deployment by a single technician and lets you mix and match different components in the same panel.

  • One-person install
  • Modular cable mounting system
  • Front and rear access   

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We’re Here for You

Contact us to learn more about how Propel can support migrating your data center to 400G and 800G applications as well as supporting network demands of the future.

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Propel – keep moving forward
Propel unboxing video
Propel installation video
Demonstrating 400G traffic using Propel
Demonstrating 200G and 400G transmission using Propel