Managed network solutions

Empowering service providers with solutions for enterprise networks

Our Managed Networks solutions empower service providers to become a preferred IT partner for businesses, attracting new vertical market customers and thereby growing revenues.

With CommScope Managed Networks, service providers can offer differentiated solutions in multiple vertical markets—SMB (small and mid-size business), enterprise, MDU (multiple dwelling units), mixed use, hospitality, venues and public areas—all from one platform. These managed solutions include Wi-Fi, wireless and wired, router/firewall and advanced networking

These managed networks can drive new revenues, costs savings and customer satisfaction. For example, by deploying a CommScope Managed Network with Wi-Fi across your business verticals as well as public areas, you can deliver a ubiquitous network experience for your existing customers—increasing loyalties and, with an expanded network presence, attracting new subscribers. Additionally, the network can be leveraged for significant cost savings through mobile data offload.

Get to market quicker while reducing your capital investment and the in-house resources necessary to meet the growing needs of your business customer—with CommScope Managed Networks solutions.

Challenges and opportunities

Retaining and growing circuit revenues

Retaining the loyalty of your business customers depends on your ability to deliver more sophisticated networking capabilities. Our Managed Networks solutions are sized to support your business needs and growth initiatives.

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Generating new business revenues

Service providers and their business services groups must continually grow revenues. Often, when it comes to deploying networks and their associated services, the requisite personnel are in short supply.   CommScope can help you scale your operations with skilled professionals and resources that supplement and seamlessly integrate with your own—and with a centralized core and NOC that can be turned up quickly to support and deliver new services.

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Offloading mobile traffic

To minimize costs, service providers that lease cellular capacity look to near-ubiquitous Wi-Fi to maximize the traffic they offload onto their networks and away from cellular carriers. CommScope Managed Networks offer a hosted, centralized core platform capable of supporting all vertical markets—including public Wi-Fi and integrated home-as-a-hotspot, creating a powerful network that accepts service providers’ cellular customer traffic.




Efficient, customized solutions

Our Managed Networks solutions combine four essential ingredients for developing effective network solutions for business customers:

  • Systems—researched and chosen as best of breed for each application
  • Proven processes rigorously applied
  • People—experienced industry know-how
  • Our portfolio of leading industry products: Ruckus access points, ICX switches, universal CPE platforms, network intelligence reporting software and business intelligence onboarding portals
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Why CommScope?


Experience and expertise

For over a decade, and in more than 30 countries, CommScope has helped service providers grow their offerings to an expanding base of business customers.

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Multi-vertical solution

Quickly deploy our hosted Managed Networks solution, custom branded for all verticals across your network.

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Expansive portfolio

CommScope builds solutions with our industry-best network products, including Ruckus access points and controllers, ICX switches, universal CPE platforms, network intelligence reporting software and business intelligence onboarding portals.