Enterprise data center infrastructure

Manage more data and more speed—more efficiently

Enterprise data centers continue to see double-digit growth in the amount of data stored and processed, and a similar increase in the number of bandwidth-intensive virtualized and cloud applications.

The data center must evolve with agility to meet this demand. Traditional three-tier architectures are migrating to 50G, 100G and 400G leaf-spine architectures that offer the flexibility and performance enterprises need.

CommScope’s enterprise data center solutions are built to support the future of your business.

Challenges and opportunities

Faster time to revenue

Streamlined CommScope solutions ship fast and install easily to bring your data center online sooner.

Empowering cloud architectures

Leaf-spine architectures are unlocking the potential of virtualized cloud applications.

Managing the data explosion

High Speed Migration from 10G to 50G, 100G and beyond depends on infrastructure that can manage more data, more quickly.

Why CommScope?


A solutions ecosystem built for the cloud

CommScope helps enterprises evolve their data center infrastructure to cloud architectures with a complete technology platform.

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Global scale with local expertise

CommScope’s vast network of certified designers, installers and integrators help ensure a smooth high-speed migration for enterprises.

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Fast, consistent global availability

We scaled up so you can scale up. CommScope designs, builds, tests and ships our fiber solutions from six continents, so your data center can evolve fast.

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    Pre-terminated multi-fiber assemblies with 2.0 mm micro

    CommScope’s pre-terminated multi-fiber assemblies enables a wide range of connections in data center, multi-tenant data center, central offices and campus network applications. Supporting your network today and into the future.
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