Introducing SYSTIMAX 2.0

Endless Innovation

SYSTIMAX® continually pushes the boundaries of structured cabling performance, redefining the standards since 1985. Our ground-breaking work in optical fiber, power over Ethernet and category 6 and 6A twisted pair technologies has enabled customers to adapt and evolve across four decades. As the industry confronts new disruptive changes, SYSTIMAX delivers. With sustainable fiber and copper, network intelligence, edge/extended distance solutions and unmatched customer support, SYSTIMAX provides the future-ready foundation for today’s agile enterprise networks. Limitless potential powered by endless innovation.

Welcome to SYSTIMAX 2.0

Re-imagined, re-energized and ready to re-write the rules of enterprise network connectivity.

The Challenges


fiber-dense architectures


converged environment


.Power and data delivery
to the edge


Manage increased
network complexity


Maximize value of
existing infrastructure


Pursue sustainability


When it comes to innovating forward, SYSTIMAX stands apart. Over the last four decades, our passion for visionary development and standards-defining performance have led to many of the industry’s pivotal firsts—structured cabling, OM5, OS2, automated infrastructure management and more. Each leap forward is the product of an on-going dialogue with our customers. Why SYSTIMAX? Because nobody works harder or is more committed to ensuring your success.

SYSTIMAX structured cabling for high-performing enterprise networks

We're Here For You

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SYSTIMAX Five Pillars

The new SYSTIMAX portfolio showcases our legacy of performance and our vision of what’s next. It is built on five pillars: copper, fiber, network intelligence, edge and extended distance solutions, and premium customer support.


  • GigaSPEED XL
    Cat 6 / up to 1G

  • GigaSPEED XL5
    Cat 6 / up to 5G

  • GigaSPEED X10D
    Cat 6A / up to 10G

  • LazrSPEED OM4, OM5

  • TeraSPEED

  • FiberGuide

  • HD, UD

  • Propel
Network Intelligence

  • imVision

  • VisiPORT


Extended Distance Solutions


  • Constellation

  • Powered Fiber System

  • On-site Support Warranty
  • Live Premium Technical Support
  • Software Trials
  • Factory Test Results*
  • Design Assistance
  • Free Training
  • Design tools
  • and much more


SYSTIMAX Featured resources for high-performing enterprise networks
Discover the New SYSTIMAX 

Explore how SYSTIMAX 2.0 is innovating forward and standing apart. From structured cabling to automated infrastructure management and much more.

The GigaSPEED® Family

NEW! GigaSPEED XL5™: In a category by itself

Since 1997, GigaSPEED twisted-pair solutions have anchored the SYSTIMAX copper portfolio, providing premium options for Cat 6 (GigaSPEED XL) and Cat 6A (GigaSPEED X10D) applications. Now, meet GigaSPEED XL5, the newest member of the family.

A solution that guarantees 2.5/5GbE performance up to 100m puts XL5 in a category by itself. The fully bundled 4-connector design is ideal for multigigabit applications like backhaul for next generation wireless access points. With nearly the same cable diameter as GigaSPEED XL, the same installation tools and procedures.


SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED Cat 6, Cat 6A and XL5 Twisted Pair Cables



New! VisiPORT™

View port status and capacity – anytime, anywhere

VisiPORT™ automatically monitors port status and capacity, improving network efficiency, planning and change management for your growing IoT device environment. VisiPORT features intelligent copper panels and fiber shelves with built-in sensors and controllers that are easy to deploy, configure and manage. Real-time monitoring and alerts enable you to assess and respond to opportunities and issues as they occur.

VisiPORT Real-Time Network Monitoring

Automated copper and fiber port status and capacity monitoring solution
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Minimal setup and easy operation

VisiPORT Copper and Fiber solutions provide real-time network monitoring and notifications
Intelligent panels
with port sensors that work with standard patch cords
VisiPORT Copper and Fiber solutions provide real-time network monitoring and notifications
with embedded software (web UI)


New! SYSTIMAX Assurance™

Blanket protection, peace of mind

SYSTIMAX Assurance is an innovative and bold new customer service commitment that supports you across the entire network lifecycle. It features existing SYSTIMAX programs—25-Year Extended Warranty, Applications Assurance, design support, technical training, etc.—plus online tools, 24/7 live tech support, project installation site surveys and more. The result is blanket protection and uprecedented peace of mind.

The SYSTIMAX Assurance 25-Year Extended Warranty





  • On-site/remote technical requirements review


  • Design tools & recommendations
  • Solutions & product suggestions 
  • 24/7 Online Technical Assistance Center


  • RFP documentation assistance
  • Rack elevations drawings
  • FiberGuide layout schematics and BOM 
  • BOM competitive cross reference 


  • Digital warranty certificate 
  • 25-Year Application Assurance 
  • 25-Year Extended Product Warranty
  • On-site installation walkthrough
  • Online product performance factory testing certificates 


  • 24/7 Online Technical Assistance Center 
  • Local Sales & Technical support 
  • Free access to CommScope Infrastructure Academy 


  • "Stay in the know" monthly newsletters & webinars 
  • Complimentary 90 days imVision System Manager Software trial 


*Available on most copper and fiber cables. 


The high-speed fiber platform for long-term migration

Launched in 2022, the Propel® modular, ultra-low-loss fiber platform is the newest addition to the SYSTIMAX fiber portfolio. SYSTIMAX Propel delivers the capacity, flexibility and simplified management to support evolving networks across multiple upgrades. The high-density, modular design and 16-, 8-, 12- and 24-fiber ultra-low loss connectivity make it ideal for data center and enterprise networks.

Propel® modular ultra-low loss optical fiber platform


A radical new approach to edge-based connectivity

Constellation is a streamlined and adaptable power/data infrastructure platform specifically designed for today’s hyperconnected, edge-based enterprise. It combines fault managed power, hybrid power/data fiber, and ceiling-based Constellation Points in an easy-to-deploy star topology. The result is a high-efficiency and sustainable solution that delivers 10 times more power and five times longer distances than conventional LAN/IP networks.

Constellation™ power and data infrastructure platform for edge enterprise applications


Still the standard for infrastructure intelligence

As the industry’s first automated infrastructure management solution, imVision® continues to set the standard. Real-time intelligence and device discovery enable you to monitor and document your cabling infrastructure and track the location of all connected network devices. Armed with imVision’s actionable, real-time data and performance insights, planning, managing and optimizing capacity, availability and efficiency is easy.

imVision® Infrastructure Intelligence Solution

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