SYSTIMAX® imVision®

The information and insights to manage today’s growing network complexity

Data drives your network. To keep it flowing efficiently and freely, your physical layer infrastructure must be managed in real-time, using authoritative information—not assumptions. Gaining the visibility and insights needed to make the right decisions gets tougher as networks converge and grow more complex. That’s why CommScope created SYSTIMAX imVision®, the industry’s leading Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) platform.

With an intuitive, web-based architecture, imVision® delivers real-time intelligence and device discovery that allow you to monitor and document your cabling infrastructure while tracking the location of all connected network devices. It delivers actionable, real-time data and performance insights that enable you to optimize capacity, availability and efficiency. The critical information you need from the technology partner you trust.

Challenges we solve

imVision-Optimize capacity

Optimize capacity

Today’s networks are capacity-strained but often have resources that are not being utilized efficiently. A capacity upgrade is involved and costly and may even be unnecessary. How can you be sure?

imVision-Optimize availability

Optimize availability

Nobody can afford a service disruption. Worse yet, is the cost to resolve unplanned downtime. The best way to lower the cost is to prevent service issues from ever happening.

imVision-Optimize efficiency

Optimize efficiency

Nothing degrades network efficiency like stranded switch ports. Left unidentified, they continue to consume power and valuable white space. The cost and time needed to deploy and commission new servers is another efficiency-killer.

SYSTIMAX imVision by the numbers


Why CommScope?

Simplicity and efficiency icon

Simplicity and efficiency

CommScope simplifies network complexity by minimizing network silos, consolidating wired and wireless infrastructure, automating network monitoring, and providing a single source for managing your entire physical layer.

Reliability and security icon

Reliability and security

From structured cabling to wired and wireless access networks, CommScope’s IT and OT networks deliver the always-on availability and iron-clad security that connects and protects your people, data and things.

Globally trusted icon

Globally trusted

Backed by 40+ years of product innovation and industry leadership, CommScope helps guide the trajectory of tomorrow’s evolving network technologies. A global network of manufacturing, distribution and service capabilities ensure you have the expertise and solutions when and where you need them.

imVision – from then to now to next
Past: Since 2001, imVision has helped manage some of the world’s most complex networks.
Present: Today, CommScope is more committed to imVision than ever before.
Future: What’s next for imVision? Find out more.
Past: Since 2001, imVision has helped manage some of the world’s most complex networks.
Present: Today, CommScope is more committed to imVision than ever before.
Future: What’s next for imVision? Find out more.
Past: Since 2001, imVision has helped manage some of the world’s most complex networks.
Present: Today, CommScope is more committed to imVision than ever before.
Future: What’s next for imVision? Find out more.
imVision® Sustainability


CommScope’s imVision® is the industry’s leading automated infrastructure management (AIM) solution. It's also improving the way businesses maintain visibility across their connected network environment in a sustainable way. 

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imVision Automated Infrastructure Management


Get the complete story on CommScope’s revolutionary imVision AIM platform: from its standards-based design and applications to the platform’s components and power.


Then to now to next: imVision turns 20


The story of imVision is the story of the networks that helped shaped it. This infographic takes you from its origins as an intelligent patching solution to its future of AI, mobility and more.


imVision gains real-time visibility into OSP cabling

Application Note

The integration of imVision and VIAVI can alert imVision users about any fiber faults in OSP cabling in real-time.


imVision Case Studies experience


Use this interactive tool to explore the network challenges that customers in a variety of industries have faced and learn how they solved each one with the help of CommScope and imVision.


AIM Fact File

Get the how, what, when, where and why for all things AIM. This is your one one-stop resource for the world of Automated Infrastructure Management -m from the folks who know it best.

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imVision Support Portal

Stay up-to-date on the latest imVision release notes, events, notifications and announcements through the imVision Support Portal. It’s also your gateway to the ROI calculator, demo opportunities and more. Be sure to bookmark the page for easy return.


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