Next Generation Advertising

Generate new revenue from advanced video advertising

Global TV ad spending on linear TV was estimated to be $140 billion* in 2018, with a growing opportunity for targeted, personalized advertising across multiple screen types that delivers more value and engagement to their clients.

*WARC Dec. 2018  

Challenges and opportunities

Linear TV ad insertion

Linear digital program insertion for cable television

Local cable advertising enables cable TV operators to replace ads in national TV channels with ads relevant to customers in a local area (serving group). It is estimated to generate $6.8 billion in revenues for cable operators and continues to grow. CommScope is a market leader in digital program insertion (DPI) for local advertising, with over 15 years of experience, managing more than 60,000 DPI channels in the field.

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A comprehensive solution that includes our Emmy-winning advertising products enables operators to generate revenue from local advertising with low total cost of ownership (TCO).

CommScope DPI products for local ad insertion

  • SkyVision Linear Advertising Management Suite
    • Supports national, regional, and zone-based ad insertion
    • Features multiple levels of redundancy to deliver reliable ad delivery and high run rates
    • Offers comprehensive content management, schedule management, monitoring and alerting, reporting and verification
    • Integrated with all CCMS-compliant traffic and billing systems and all SCTE 30-compliant splicers
    • Supports SD and HD, as well as MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 H.264 streaming
  • XMS ad servers
    • Enables reliable linear ad Insertion
    • Optimal performance and cost efficiency
    • Maximum flexibility with adaptive storage technology
    • High reliability and availability with automated session resiliency
    • Solutions for large, mid-sized and small deployments
  • CAP-1000 Cherrypicker Application Platform
    • Performs ad splicing, grooming, and statistical re-multiplexing for MPEG-2 for cable systems
    • Performs ad splicing and grooming for MPEG-4 for IPTV and cable systems
    • Designed for power, scalability and reliability
  • ME-7000 Converged Compression Platform
    • Performs ad splicing, transcoding for MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC
    • Efficient delivery of high-quality linear broadcast video for IPTV, cable, satellite and OTT (ABR) applications

CommScope Professional Services offers consulting, design, deployment, optimization and managed service capabilities to help you evolve and operate your video network.
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CommScope provides a complete solution for linear digital program insertion.

Advantages of the CommScope solution for local ad insertion for cable TV

  • A market-leading, field-proven solution
  • Designed for reliability and high availability to ensure uptime of revenue-generating services
  • Automation tools to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • CommScope Professional Services that offer consulting, design, deployment, optimization and managed service capabilities to help you evolve and operate your video next generation advertising solution network