Health and Safety

Building a happy and healthy workplace

CommScope employees see health and safety as central parts of their everyday workplace experiences. A healthy, safe workforce is a win-win situation for every member of our team when we work smarter and safer.

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Safety Starts with Me

Safety Starts with Me is an initiative designed to make CommScope a safer, healthier, more productive workplace by encouraging employees to take ownership of their safety. Built on 10 principles of safety, Safety Starts with Me encourages safer workplace habits and significantly reduce work-related injuries and the number of missed workdays due to injury. The program includes:

  • Teaching employees how to clearly identify potential safety concerns in production areas and teaching activities and behaviors that constitute a successful workplace inspection
  • Training supervisors to lead “Tool Box Talks ” to review inspections, discuss solutions and propose ways to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Educating employees to recognize and prevent near-misses (habits that may lead to more serious injury).
  • Helping employees make the connection between a one-time injury and long-term health and quality of life.
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Good for You

Employee health and wellness are major priorities at CommScope. Our vision is to promote healthy decisions and balanced lives. Many sites have taken proactive steps to promote health and wellness awareness and organize activities for employees. These include:

  • On-site health clinics supervised by a medical doctor and staffed with nurse practitioners provide services similar to a family physician: preventive care, disease management, prescriptions and treatment for chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.
  • Wellness champions engaging employees to raise awareness about healthy living by encouraging participation in exercise programs, healthier eating, weight loss programs and walking challenges.
  • On-site fitness centers at many facilities are conveniently located to help employees stay fit.
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Emergency preparedness

On rare occasions, potential emergency situations may affect our facilities. These include severe weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, serious equipment or process failures, fires, explosions or chemical spills. CommScope is prepared to protect. Emergency preparation and response teams are identified and regularly trained to respond to emergencies. Our facilities have developed and implemented detailed emergency plans and response procedures which are routinely tested. These plans and procedures are designed to protect human lives through expert preparation, prevention, mitigation, response and recovery processes. If an emergency does occur, our employees understand how to:

  • Properly evacuate the premises
  • Notify local authorities and regulatory agencies, and
  • Begin the recovery process

Beyond thorough preparation and training, we also use a variety of tools that help protect our employees in the event of an emergency. These include alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire detection and suppression equipment, personal protective gear, spill kits, medical supplies, and clear exit paths and assembly points.