DOCSIS 3.1 Deployment

Moving existing HFC networks into the future

Migrating to DOCSIS 3.1 may feel overwhelming due to the abundance of options and features on offer. After all, expecting to deliver 10+ Gbps of downstream and 1+ Gbps of upstream capacity by 2023 can seem quite daunting.

At CommScope, we can help you get there. Whether it’s pushing fiber closer to the customer (fiber deep) or deploying orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) to the PHY layer, we have the knowledge, experience and solutions to help you succeed.

By working together, we can use a multi-phase approach that aligns with your network configuration, service goals, schedule and, of course, budget.

Challenges and opportunities

Network readiness

Assessing network readiness

A solid DOCSIS 3.1 migration plan starts with evaluating your existing network to see what hardware, software, and configuration changes it requires to be compliant with DOCSIS 3.1.

A network readiness evaluation typically reviews:

  • CMTS capabilities. Can your CMTS be upgraded to a DOCSIS 3.1-compatible CCAP device to support your service goals for each service group?
  • Core to edge routing capabilities. Are sufficient ports and capacity available? Is the appropriate system software installed?
  • Operations support system (OSS) and business support system (BSS). Are your back-office and customer-facing systems ready to fully support DOCSIS 3.1 service levels?
  • Inside plant. Are components in the RF path of the inside plant ready for DOCSIS 3.1? Are power levels, attenuation levels, and input/output levels sufficient? Are there any physical obstructions for new cable installation? Is there sufficient rack space?
  • Outside plant. Is the HFC infrastructure—from the fiber node to the homes passed in the RF path—capable of supporting the basic DOCSIS 3.1 configuration of 1 GHz+ forward spectrum and 85 MHz+ return spectrum?

Why CommScope?

Setting standards

As a designer and creator of network solutions, we work hand in hand with organizations such as TIA Fiber Optics Technology Consortium and Ethernet Alliance to raise the bar of network technology.

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Relentless innovations

Extending our leadership in next-generation network technologies, CommScope unveils three breakthroughs that dramatically improve network scale, speed and latency.

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Certified performance

At CommScope, we not only build solutions to deliver peak performance—we also certify them. So, you can be sure your network receives exactly what you expected.

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