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Do more with your network

Expectations for your enterprise network have never been higher, as both employees and customers engage with your business in new ways. To keep up with demand, your network infrastructure has to be up to the task. That’s where CommScope solutions can help your network do more—and do it better.

CommScope’s network infrastructure solutions are built to make your network simpler to deploy and manage, improve its reliability, and give it the adaptability to evolve as user demand requires.

Our comprehensive solutions portfolios cover every connection and cable, from copper and fiber structured cabling to IoT access networks; from unified Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6E and switching to intelligent automated infrastructure management; and from 5G-ready distributed antenna systems to small cells.

With CommScope, a simpler, more reliable and more adaptable network can power the future of your infrastructure—and your business.

Segments we serve


Converged wired and wireless networks

As IT—and now OT (operational technology)—networks multiply, expand and become more complex, you must be able to simplify and automate them to manage the entire ecosystem effectively.

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Private LTE networks

Some use cases are so critical or challenging that you need something more than your everyday network to serve them.

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In-building cellular

New construction techniques prevent outdoor cell signals from penetrating the building and providing the strong cellular coverage that employees, guests and customers expect. Throw 5G into the mix and delivering dependable cellular service indoors is even more difficult.

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Smart building

Your challenge: reduce OpEx, enhance safety, and increase user satisfaction—by making your building smarter. Are you ready?

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Smart campus

Your network doesn’t stop at the front door. Connect your smart buildings into a smart campus, with ubiquitous wired and wireless connectivity and the infrastructure needed to support the multiplicity of devices and sensors.

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IoT - Internet of Things

By 2025, an estimated 22 billion IoT devices will connect to the internet. The diversity of connections is nearly as daunting as the sheer number of devices. What is your strategy for deploying and managing your IoT networks effectively?

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Wi-Fi 6

Sixth-generation Wi-Fi, based on the 802.11ax standard, can deliver in excess of 5 Gbps while providing better performance in congested areas and supporting challenging latency and power requirements. How can you leverage Wi-Fi 6 in addressing the capacity crunch?

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Wi-Fi roaming

Businesses are increasingly dependent on public Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi roaming using Hotspot 2.0 boosts the value of that service. What do you need to know to take advantage of the opportunity?

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Enterprise data centers

Increasing speed and latency requirements are redefining network architectures within the enterprise data center. As traditional three-tier topologies are replaced by spine-and-leaf systems, fiber and port densities must increase accordingly. Success comes down to the physical layer cabling and connectivity.

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E-Rate for digital learning (U.S.)

K-12 schools need the right tools to support the transition to digital learning. The U.S. federal government’s E-Rate program enables schools to deploy or improve their broadband infrastructure. With time running out, CommScope can help your school realize a smarter future.

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Network Segmentation

Network segmentation—or the practice of dividing the network into multiple smaller subnetworks—can help address security and user experience challenges.

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Secure onboarding

Ruckus Wi-Fi solutions make network onboarding and authentication simple and secure for bring your own devices (BYOD), guest users and IT-owned devices.

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Universal connectivity grid

The enterprise network is a fluid environment that must be able to scale quickly and seamlessly as its footprint grows. The Universal Connectivity Grid is an easy-to-deploy, structured approach designed to support new users and spaces with regularly spaced consolidation points. Fast, simple and elegant.

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Utility Grade Infrastructure solutions (UTG)

Utility Grade INFRASTRUCTURESM (UTG) combines technology, design and support to power the potential of converged smart building IT/OT networks.

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Wi-Fi calling

Deliver consistent, reliable voice service on Wi-Fi networks with HD voice over Wi-Fi and HD Wi-Fi calling.

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Converged wired and wireless enterprise networks

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The enterprise network is one of several levers driving long-term business success. The best-built networks are those that most effectively serve the core needs of the organization: business continuity, data security, physical safety and the universal connectivity that fuels the future.

Business continuity

Today’s enterprise network is the nerve center of business. Like any utility, it is expected to be up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No simple task. Data systems are becoming more secure and centralized, IT/OT networks are converging, and the need for greater mobility—inside and outside the office—is increasing. Whether the average user knows it or not, these trends have a tremendous impact on the network’s reliability—especially at the most fundamental level: your infrastructure.

Data security

Throughout the enterprise, users expect more of everything from the network. The amount of data being shared, stored and processed continues to multiply, as do the security risks. The network has become central to the success of the business—and an increasingly attractive target. To adequately protect the network from attack, every layer must be addressed. The physical layer is one of the hardest layers to defend. For hackers, it also provides the greatest payoffs.

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Physical security

Ninety-nine percent of the time, success is measured by network metrics. But a workplace emergency that endangers lives is a sobering reminder of what matters. A well-planned physical layer infrastructure plays a key role in safeguarding people and property. With scalable, fire-rated structured cabling, centralized and secure switching and power, and ubiquitous in-building cellular, your enterprise network infrastructure becomes a lifeline for those who need it.

Universal connectivity

Across today’s smart campus, collaboration is driving innovation thanks to advanced network infrastructure that’s seamlessly integrated, scalable and future ready. It takes a complete solution: fiber and copper structured cabling and connectivity, power over Ethernet (PoE) and extendable powered fiber, Wi-Fi and cellular mobility, and intelligent infrastructure management. Only CommScope brings it all together, along with the 40 years of experience and a visionary perspective.

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The Enterprise Source

Information about the now and next of connectivity infrastructure

This is the resource center that explains what’s here now – and what’s coming next for the enterprise.


Why CommScope?

Better user experiences

Better user experiences

A better user experience means a more productive workplace. From outdoor Wi-Fi to indoor cellular and everything in between, CommScope wireless networks connect your always-on users everywhere and anywhere.

Reliability and security

Reliability and security

With 40 years of networking experience—including structured cabling, wired and wireless access—CommScope builds IT and OT networks that help you achieve stable, secure, uninterrupted connections for your people and things.

Simplicity and efficiency

Simplicity and efficiency

CommScope simplifies network complexity by minimizing network silos, consolidating wired and wireless infrastructure, automating network monitoring, and providing a single source for managing your entire physical layer.

Improved business outcomes

Improved business outcomes

CommScope’s open network architecture and technology partner ecosystem enable us to deliver solutions that address industry-specific business challenges.