The Generation Z Study of Tech Intimates

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The Generation Z Study of Tech Intimates is an annual study created to better understand the emerging technology, network and communication needs of today’s savviest generation. Reflecting the global perspectives of eight tech-leading cities around the world, the findings here can inform your strategy, product development and activation.


Gen Zers use their devices to spend, save and waste time, increasing usage and keeping an always-on mindset.

Gen Z is the mobile-first generation that appears to live equally in the digital world as in the real one. Smartphones, the devices of choice, are always close by and within reach. With a phone to keep them connected, Gen Z is full of dichotomies: their device distracts them from boredom and gives them something to do during downtime, yet it saves time by being efficient.

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A virtualized world where enhancement, entertainment and expression dominate.

The smartphone is the social hub of Gen Z, the epicenter of everything. It creates a universe, a virtualized space where they engage, making them smarter, more effective and more connected.They want their connections to work well and quickly. In this space, they are entertained, through activities like music, gaming or texting. Importantly, within their “bubble,” Gen Zers also express themselves to friends through frequently creating and sharing content.

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Smart, opinionated and attached, Gen Z finds fulfillment in their devices.

Gen Z is an interesting mix of tech savvy, smart and dependent. They have many interesting ideas for the future of technology, admire the Apple brand, prefer YouTube overall and understand that they live in a post-privacy world. Their phones make them feel secure, and they form rituals and habits related to using their devices more and more. Technology is essentially an indistinguishable part of their identity and intertwined in their daily life. It gives them comfort, purpose and focus.

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In-depth perspectives

Weekday vs. Weekend

“I definitely use my phone more on the weekends.” (Female, Stockholm)

Learn how Gen Zers use their devices more on the weekend, maximizing free time.

Weekday vs. Weekend
A.M. vs. P.M.
Usage Varies
Relationship to Smartphones
Smartphone Proximity
Making Purchases
Addicted to Smartphones
Smartphones Equal Safety
Favorite and Most Innovative Smartphone Brand
Future Innovations
Most Innovative Countries


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