Content security solutions

Patented protection from piracy

With enormous sums of money invested in creating premium content, motion picture studios and content creators demand that service providers take extra measures to ensure the most return on their investments. To make matters more complicated, consumers are insisting on watching content effortlessly where and when they want.

For over four decades, CommScope has been helping service providers, content producers, broadcasters and consumer electronics manufacturers deliver secure content regardless of the devices or platforms. As an innovator in video security, CommScope offers a portfolio of patented digital rights management (DRM) software and conditional access systems (CAS) as well public key infrastructure (PKI) service to safeguard videos and devices from piracy.

Challenges and opportunities



Consumers demand the ability to view what they want on their devices, like mobile phones, portable tablets and laptops. With our single digital rights management (DRM) technology, service providers can authenticate, authorize and protect content on all devices and their platforms.



When service providers need to support and manage a range of technologies, CommScope offers complete solutions that can manage multiple DRMs within an integrated architecture.



Security software reduces costs by a significant margin.  With CommScope’s Titanium Dynamic Downloadable conditional access software (CAS), service providers can experience the traditional security features and capabilities of a broadcast CAS without smart cards.

Why CommScope?

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Cryptographic experts

Because protection is only as good as its lock, our team of cryptographers and security system specialists remains vigilant in keeping several steps ahead of pirates by producing patented, world-class security software.

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Industry consensus

Software for content protection does you no good if it’s not approved by the content creators. At CommScope, we’re proud to offer software that’s trusted by international studios and major network broadcasters.

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Forward looking

Although devices come with their own security solutions, managing them all can become a nightmare. As a company that’s anticipating what’s next, our comprehensive, cohesive management tools work on all devices to help keep you and your customers happy today and tomorrow.

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Platform agnostic

Our software has been licensed by service providers across the globe for IPTV, cable TV, over-the-top (OTT) internet TV, digital terrestrial TV (DTT), hospitality entertainment and digital cinema operations.