Think Fiber.

Think CommScope.

The world’s largest and most important networks count on CommScope for complete connectivity solutions because we’ve been a trusted global leader for decades. That includes our complete portfolios of cutting-edge fiber-optic connectivity solutions.

CommScope’s comprehensive fiber ecosystems are built for all the ways fiber moves our world—for individual businesses, connected communities, vast cellular networks and national broadband operators.  From cables to connectors to cabinets and more, CommScope builds fiber the same way we build all our network infrastructure solutions—with endless innovation, superior quality and unbeatable expertise. Whether you’re connecting an office, a stadium, a city or an entire nation, CommScope  can help you design and deploy a fiber network that will deliver from day one and stand the test of time. Here’s how we build for your application, industry or specific need.

Fiber to the Moon

Learn how fiber has changed our lives and where CommScope is taking it into the future.

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