Building a digital society

Connecting the unconnected

Everywhere we go, whatever we are doing, we expect to always be on and always be connected.

This expectation has developed hand in hand with digital evolution across everything from personal communications to how we understand, participate, work, learn, and live. The network is an indispensable utility, and our on-demand, always-connected society will continue to fuel exponential growth into the future.

Networks are under constant pressure to evolve alongside new technologies and growing demand while remaining flexible and adaptable for future expansion and optimization. CommScope is anticipating what's next—focusing on the key technologies that empower and enrich our connected society. Let's dive into the challenges in creating universal connectivity and the solutions we create to bridge the digital divide.


Part I

Connecting the unconnected

As connectivity becomes an expectation, we are faced with an imperative to think of networks as a utility, much like water or heat.

The challenge is then to create innovative solutions to provide access to that network to as many people as possible, whether through wireless connectivity or broadband and wired solutions. The communities and locations that benefit from this access are not only developing nations or disadvantaged groups, but also suburban communities that have faced architectural constraints, rural areas across many large nations, and other remote locations.

To add to the challenge, simply creating infrastructure is often not an effective solution in itself. Reliability, data caps, speed limits, and expensive services can all play a role in deepening the rift between those who are connected and those who are not. In addition to creating physical connectivity, enabling access to that connectivity through effective, affordable programs is critical.

CommScope works to connect the unconnected, improve economic equality and growth, and facilitate social mobility and participation. We aim to realize the idea of connectivity as a true utility that helps people, cities, and industries connect and function.


of rural households worldwide have no internet access1


internet penetration rate in Asia and Africa2


of schools in the US lack broadband3



A wireless solution to creating access

For many Avondale residents, internet access at home was unachievable. Watch how CommScope created a public Wi-Fi network to connect people in this lower-income Ohio area with everything that other communities take for granted and made investments with partners to create access to digital services and platforms that help uplift the people who live in the neighborhood.


Crossing the digital divide in education

Distance learning is playing a bigger role in the day-to-day lives of kids, and broadband equity and the digital divide is larger today in some parts of America than it has ever been. See some of the creative ways schools are attacking the digital divide.

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Part I

Connecting the unconnected

As connectivity becomes an expectation, we are faced with an imperative to think of networks as a utility, much like water or heat.

Part II

Strengthening connections

Join us to explore how CommScope creates stronger networks for more reliability, increased bandwidth and greater speeds.

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