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VUE | ARRIS Video Unified Edge (VUE)

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  • EMEA
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  • North America

Virtualized Video Headend for DAA and IP Video Convergence

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Features and Benefits
ARRIS Video Unified Edge (VUE) is a suite of modular software functions deployable in the Service Provider's cloud environment that virtualize the legacy video headend network. ARRIS VUE replaces traditional ARRIS appliance products with software functions, simplifies the network, automates configuration, and improves uptime. In a DAA (Distributed Access Architecture) the VUE functions as a video core supporting both video data plane and video control plane, and for SCTE 55-1.

ARRIS VUE has multiple applications, addressing some of the key challenges facing operators today.

VUE functions as the Video Core in R-PHY and R-MAC/PHY architectures (DAA):
VUE sources MPEG-2 Transport Stream video muxes for linear broadcast and narrowcast (VOD and SDV) directly to the RPD or RMD
VUE sends the SCTE 55-1 out of band stream directly to the RPD via R-DEPI, and VUE receives the SCTE 55-1 upstream directly from the RPD via R-UEPI
VUE provisions the RPD via the Cable Labs GCP protocol for video and SCTE 55-1

VUE unifies the Video Backbone and Advertising in the ABR domain:
Enables transition of all video delivery to ABR content from the CDN
Converts ABR video to MPEG-2 Transport Streams to support existing QAM-based CPE
Works with ARRIS MDC to enable DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) to be performed in ABR domain using Video Manifest Manipulation, eliminating dual video delivery systems and dual advertising systems
Leverages Software Defined Video Networking to enable Programmable Ad Zones and customizable channel lineups

Virtualizes the Video Headend:
Replaces legacy appliance products with virtualized SW
Virtualizes EQAM functions (packet processing performed in VUE, RF modulation done in the Remote PHY and/or Remote MAC-PHY node)
Virtualizes the legacy interactive network (SCTE 55-1)

DAA Support Features:
Receives encrypted SPTS & MPTS from the ARRIS APEX 3000-NE
Performs Add/Drop Mux (including pre-encrypted services)
Supports NGOD R6/D6 for session setup for VOD and SDV
Builds linear broadcast and narrowcast output MPTSs
Encapsulate all output MPTS with R-DEPI
Supports slave to 1588 Time Server for synchronous operation with the RPD
Supports GCP to provision the DAA node for video streams and SCTE 55-1 (as Auxiliary Core)

Video Backbone & Advertising Convergence Features:
DRM decrypt (roadmap)
Ingest: HLS, DASH TS
Integration with ARRIS VTM/vManager for programmable ad zones
Ad placement notification
Ad Logging

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Virtualized system

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Virtualized system