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Building Edge Infrastructure

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Powering and connecting
the hyperconnected enterprise

The building edge infrastructure platform is a streamlined, modular and adaptable power/data solution specifically designed for today’s hyperconnected enterprise networks. It combines fault managed power, hybrid power/data fiber, and ceiling-based Constellation in an easy-to-deploy star topology.

The result is a simplified, scalable network that dramatically reduces the time, cost and complexity of supporting connected devices, in-building and across campus. Compared to traditional LAN/IP solutions, SYSTIMAX® Constellation also eliminates the need for a significant amount of copper cabling, network components and even entire telecom rooms—helping you decarbonize the building and advance your ESG initiatives.

Constellation and Traditional LAN


Constellation system design and architecture

The Constellation platform is based on modular components deployed in a simplified, repeatable architecture. 


SYSTIMAX Constellation Enterprise Power and Data Platform

Constellation’s distributed star topology divides the building into multiple service areas, served with a single Constellation Point in each service area. Using fault-managed power technology to reach up to 500 meters, 5 times the distance, and deliver 1KW, 10 times the power, of traditional network cabling to each Constellation Point.

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Constellation solution

Constellation’s streamlined all-modular design supports converged and segmented networks, ac and dc applications, and a variety of connectivity options.

  • Ceiling-mounted Constellation Point
  • Power transmitter supports up to 12 kW of fault managed power
  • Power transition panel
  • Hybrid power/fiber trunks span up to 500 meters from the main equipment room to Constellation Points throughout the facility



Propel panels

Propel’s modular high-density panels are designed for fast, easy deployment by a single technician and let you mix and match different components in the same panel.

  • One-person install
  • Modular cable mounting system
  • Front and rear access
Propel modules

Four sizes of interchangeable plug-and-play modules and a range of MPO, LC, SN adapters and connectors keep your network more agile with a minimum number of components.

  • Eight-, 12-, 16- and 24-fiber modules
  • LC and MPO eight-, 12- and 24-fiber components with internal shutters
  • Method B Enhanced polarity
Category 6A patch cords

Category 6A Ethernet connects each Constellation Point to as many as 50 devices.

  • Superior thermal performance
  • 10G bandwidth capabilities
  • Long-term data/PoE support for next-gen devices

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