Building the Data Center of the Future

Jenny Duits Jennifer Duits November 4, 2020

CommScope_MTDC_Image_2_smallPredicting the future is an imperfect science. Movies and books have been talking about the future for decades with only partial accuracy. However, predicting future data center requirements is perhaps more of a realistic endeavor. We can analyze technology trends and make educated advancements based on where we think we will be and when – and then plan for future needs.

We know demands on the network, like speed and capacity, are constantly increasing. New technologies on the horizon can enable 400G in the near future and 800G soon after. There are multiple ways we can prepare data centers for this jump. One critical step is looking at cabling options.

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In the video below, H.J. Niethammer, a Regional Solutions Architect at CommScope, discusses cabling options for a future-ready data center.

Building the Data Center of the Future

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