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RUCKUS Technical Family

RUCKUS Technical Family (RTF) is more than a community. We welcome all networking technology enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest innovations and apply them in real world networking solutions.

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RUCKUS technical webinars are delivered monthly by our system engineers in over 20 local sessions sharing best practices and practical skills necessary to deploy state-of-the-art RUCKUS wired and wireless networking solutions.

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Recorded webinars
Check out our recorded webinars offered in up to 23 languages
December 15th webinar
Unleash the power and simplicity of RUCKUS Wi-Fi 6 APs – learn how to make Wi-Fi deployments more secure, simple, and reliable with RUCKUS Unleashed
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Q3’21 Hospitality RTF Webinar
Make IoT Happen with RUCKUS!
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RTF Distribution Days
Technical Events hosted by our Distribution Partners with the right mix of theory and practical skills.



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Discuss your local projects and ask any technical questions using our dedicated RTF forums channel. Our global team of system engineers take an active part in these discussions, offering help and advice. Check out the wireless and best practices feed below, or else check out the RUCKUS Technologies page to see a list of all forum topics.

Access Points

Necesito ayuda para poder actualizar un equipo ruckus t300 que se encuentra actualmente en la versión, quiero llevarlo a la versión pero me sale constantemente error bad firmware header magic.
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Newbie here still figuring things out. I’ve got a R710 AP that I got off eBay. I’ve been unable to factory reset it (other one I purchased reset without issue). Any thoughts? Here’s what I’ve tried: Used the reset button and paper clip. Made sure that I did it for at least 10 seconds and that it was held down firmly. Light flashes red but then turned back to solid green. Started trying to figure out Putty and use SSH. Was not able to SSH in - said connection refused. Used IP address as I was able to tell what it was. Plugged and unplugged device several times and tried 1 and 2 again. No luck. Tried reset button push on device for 30 seconds. No luck. I didn’t think it would be this hard 😀. Anyone have more thoughts? Thanks!
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Hello, When I'm using my home router as a AP and when I'm connected to it and using Hik-Connect app on which is set public IP (which ISP assign to me) and the port which the IP camera use, there is no issue and I can see it, but when I stop the wireless network on my home router and connect to it the Ruckus AP, after that I connect to Ruckus AP and using Hik-Connect app with same setting as above I cannot see the IP camera. I can see it only when I set the private IP which is assigned to the IP camera in Hik-Connect app. Could you please help me to solve this issue? Best Regards
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Rukus APs shows online and my switch showing disconnected. Unleashed system only supports ICX firmware version 08.0.90 or later. AND Failed to ping ICX Suggest checking the network. Windows laptop connecting to APs and working internet too but not in Iphone/MacBook or Smart TV. Can anyone experienced this issue and how to solve the issue.
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Hello everyone! Need help. Some strange with my ICX7150. When I try firmware 09.0 get error with RADIUS TLS. When switch are boots see in log: cp: can't stat '/.pkg/libpam/etc/*': No such file or directoryCreating TUN deviceCreating the first Tap interfaceERROR: Failure in gw addStarting TPM InfraGroup tss and User tss createdhostname set to Ruckus-ICXStarting TCSD Daemon in 'fi' namespaceTCSD Up and RunningEnabling time stamp.Setting Unix datagram queue len.Setting TCP keep alive paramsMoving app to flash....could not read config file /etc/radsecproxy.conf No such file or directory could not read config file /etc/radsecproxy.conf So can't log in by RADIUS...
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Any idea when the following guide will be converted to cover SZ 6.0 ?
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Ruckust 2560 x 1440

The RUCKUS education team from CommScope brings you interesting topics with a wide range of guests to sit down and discuss all things that make up the product portfolio. We'll discuss topics including products from our portfolio, WiFi, routing and switching and more! We can't wait to share with you what our teams are up to.

RUCKUS Education Videos

The RUCKUS Education channel focuses on explaining fundamental concepts and protocols in the Wired and Wireless networking arena. We also provide demonstrations of different tasks in relation to the RUCKUS brand of products.

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Technical documents

Check out our library of technical documents: release notes, configuration, best practice, deployment guides and more!

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