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RUCKUS Technical Family

RUCKUS Technical Family (RTF) is more than a community. We welcome all networking technology enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest innovations and apply them in real world networking solutions.

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RUCKUS technical webinars are delivered monthly by our system engineers in over 20 local sessions sharing best practices and practical skills necessary to deploy state-of-the-art RUCKUS wired and wireless networking solutions.

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Recorded webinars
Check out our recorded webinars offered in a variety of local languages.
December Webinar
The new RUCKUS ICX 8200!
Q2’22 Hospitality RTF Webinar
Get Ready for the Future with Fiber to the Room Connectivity!
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RTF Distribution Days
Technical Events hosted by our Distribution Partners with the right mix of theory and practical skills.



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Discuss your local projects and ask any technical questions using our dedicated RTF forums channel. Our global team of System Engineers take an active part in these discussions, offering help and advice. For the list of all forum topics visit

RUCKUS Community

My devices is not working properly my first floor is not connecting the lights is 2 amber and 2 is off and the last is green while the 2nd floor is green,amber,no lights, 2green.the internet provider came and check the service they provided not issues was detected the speed test was done and upgraded the AT&T modem and still I don't have a good service. So apparently I discovered my ruckus devices are not working correctly the first floor ruckus is not working properly and I have the best speed when I conducted a test so I need help .this being going on since few months I just got the information to complaint on this platform kindly help me fast.thanks
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Hello,I had a power surge a few weeks ago and since then the Rockus network disappeared and I cannot login to the app since im not connected to the network.The connection point lights are green as well as the ones that say “STAT”, “SYST” and “PWR”How can I get access to the network and app again? I had to reconnect all my devices to my AT&T gateway but it doesn’t cover my whole house.
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I have two AP R510 devices that won’t power onafter inclement weather caused power to be lost very brielfy this morning.Still getting WiFi through my router and ICX 7150-C12P switch is still getting power (PWR light is green, SYST light is amber). I’ve tried power cycling the router to no avail.Please help get my APs back online.
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Hi FolksCurrently I live in a fairly large (but not huge) 4 bedroom semi detached house and have a Unifi system.I have the following:USG router6 x AP-Pro access pointsA Unifi switch but also some TP link switches.Mostly rack mounted in the garage.Usually have around 50 clients connected at any one time - mix of wifi/hardwire.USG is starting to be pretty old tech now and increasingly I'm seeing some issues. Ubiquiti tech support is hopeless esp if you are a networking novice.I got the impression that 6 AP's is probably a little OTT (I did not install them all, a company did as part of a renovation 2 years ago) - and that Ruckus would be able to provide similar/better coverage with far fewer.What I really want to do is move to a high performing, rock solid system - and that is why I found my way here based on what I've been reading.What Ruckus HW do you think I should be considering to replace the above system?Many thanks for any guidance!
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Hi, I am in a recently bought Lennar home which came with a ICX7150 switch with two access points. I have 1gbps fiber connection and it was all working great till I had a power outage and the switch rebooted. Since then my network is terrible. I searched the forum and similar issues reported and the solution seems to be to get the switch to boot up with switch firmware. I logged into the switch console (it says unleashed) and it is showing internet is connected however switch is in disconnected state.I connected to the switch to the usbc port and was able to see the boot up sequence. Below are the messagesICX7150-Boot>bootdevice 0 offset 0x0, size 0xc0000BOOTING image from PrimaryNAND read: device 0 offset 0x0, size 0x20000005 ecc_errors after reading 1b48000:1b49c00iproc_nand_read_page returned 2NAND read from offset 0 failed -220 bytes read: ERROR## Loading kernel from FIT Image at 70000200 ...Bad FIT kernel image format!ERROR: can't get kernel image!could not boot from primary, no valid image; trying to boot from secondarydevice 0 offset 0x0, size 0xc0000BOOTING image from SecondaryIt is booting from secondary using the image SPR0809d.bin which I think is the router image while I need the switch image to solve the problem. Booting from secondary image it is asking me for login / password which I do not have. I will try the ones provided in the below post - attempted to tftp the switch image into primary partition, however the switch does not seem to able to ping the tftp server. I am on Windows 10 laptop using Solarwinds tftp server.Here are my questions.1. Is there a way to reset the login / password for the secondary partition ? I interrupted the boot sequence by pressing b and that is getting me to a ICX7150-Boot prompt.2. Though the error is saying "ERROR: can't get kernel image! could not boot from primary, no valid image;" I am assuming the switch firmware needs to be loaded into primary partition. Am I missing anything ?3. If I cannot get switch to reach my tftp server (running on windows 10) how do I flash the switch firmware to primary partition? Are there any other options I can try ?I am very much stuck at this point looking for help. This clearly is not for an average home owner and requires specialized skills. I have been trying to resolve this for weeks now and it is very frustrating Lennar or Ruckus does not offer any support besides this forum. I think these type of issues could be resolved quickly if phone support is provided. Thank you!
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Ruckus ICX switches says "connecting" always. Tried removing the switches and adding them with IP address. But still the same issue and its not getting connected.Also, switch approval is set to automatic. Still doesn't work
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The RUCKUS education team from CommScope brings you interesting topics with a wide range of guests to sit down and discuss all things that make up the product portfolio. We'll discuss topics including products from our portfolio, WiFi, routing and switching and more! We can't wait to share with you what our teams are up to.

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The RUCKUS Education channel focuses on explaining fundamental concepts and protocols in the Wired and Wireless networking arena. We also provide demonstrations of different tasks in relation to the RUCKUS brand of products.

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