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Connectivity solutions that empower digital learning.

The times have changed. And as education accelerates the digital learning transition, CommScope is committed to bridging the digital divide by providing the most reliable school networks made simple and adaptable for connectivity to your home, campus, and community.

5 phases of the transition to digital learning

Rich Nedwich, Global Director for Education at CommScope, shares with us how connectivity is enhancing education delivery and how (especially primary and secondary) schools are dealing with the pandemic across the world.

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Challenges and opportunities on the path to the Digital Learning Transition


5 Phases of Digital Learning Transition

K-12 districts and schools are strategizing around the implementation and deployment of digital learning environments. Where are you on the Phases of digital learning transition?

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School Bus Wi-Fi

CommScope has developed a simple and reliable connectivity kit to help educators address the technical challenges of deploying school bus Wi-Fi.

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Webinar Series – Connectivity in Distance Learning

There is a fundamental shift taking place in education and school districts and Network administrators have been forced to evaluate their current infrastructure as they determine how to support in-person and virtual learning during the current and post pandemic environment.

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Private Networks and CBRS

Private LTE networks enable school districts to address communication challenges that only a dedicated, secure, ultra-high-quality network can reliably support. Learn how the RUCKUS CBRS LTE portfolio can help build your own private LTE network.

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Converged wired and wireless

CommScope networks simplifies life for IT, while enabling them to deliver exceptional user experiences. Learn more about the CommScope products and SaaS offerings.

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Our US-based E-rate program provides discounts on eligible telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections to eligible K-12 schools and public libraries. Learn more about E-Rate and the eligible products and services offered by CommScope.

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  • Case Study: Compton Unified School District

    The school district's esports program posts big wins in digital equity, inclusivity, and STEM career paths.
  • Solution Brief: K-12 Student Safety and Wellness - Vaping Detection with Soter FlySense

    For primary and secondary education, the core mission is not only to educate the students, but also to take reasonable steps to ensure the learning environment is safe and secure. It can feel clichéd to point it out, but it is a cliché only because it is so universally true: our children are our most precious charges. Unfortunately, school safety is a very wide-ranging topic. To tackle the subject in a manageable fashion, these Ruckus Solution documents are focused on specific aspects of safety and related technologies.
  • Solution Brief: Addressing Digital Equity

    Solution brief to showcase our digital equity solutions
  • Solution Brief: Fiber to the Classroom

    Solution brief that promotes our fiber cabling to support flexible learning spaces for classrooms
  • Case Study: Escuela Americana - Portuguese

    CommScope evolves Escuela Americana network with high-quality solutions to improve services to the student community


Lessons Learned from Real-Work Deployment
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