Rugby School Thailand

Tapping on Seamless Connectivity for an International Education

The world today is more connected than ever before, there is a great need for a well-rounded education that goes beyond mere academic excellence. In order for Rugby School to adequately live up to the ethos of “The whole person, the whole point” for their body of international students, there was a need to ensure seamless and pervasive community across the entire campus grounds in order to enable the latest in smart learning and teaching methodologies, through the use of technology both in and outside of the classroom.


Riding on the original Rugby School’s 451 years of history in the UK, the newly-founded Rugby School Thailand were looking to ensure that their student and faculty bodies are equipped with the best infrastructure support possible. In today’s digital age, that means that the campus needs to be equipped with seamless and reliable connectivity across the entire 80-acre area of the school grounds and able to support denser areas like digital classrooms and boarding rooms.

Founded in 2017, Rugby School Thailand now accommodates over 500 students that are all on-site for most of the week, including day-boarders, weekly boarders, as well as full-board students. Network users also include the teaching staff who also reside on-campus. Whether student or faculty, the school network is heavily relied on to enable an optimal teaching and learning experience using Google Classroom, not to mention for students’ leisure use, or for study and research, in boarding houses after school hours. Equally important was that the network needed to be able to handle numerous concurrent connections, given that both students and faculty typically utilized multiple devices throughout their day.

  • Scalable wired and wireless infrastructure, able to meet the needs of both current and future student and faculty populations
  • Reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity across an 80-acre campus
  • A campus network that is both easy to deploy and maintain by a lean IT team
  • High-performance, seamless, and reliable connectivity
  • Deployed RUCKUS® indoor and access points (APs) across the campus
  • ICX switches to simplify network setup and management, as well as to cater for future network growth
  • High-performance Wi-Fi for full-board students and faculty
  • Easy and fast access to online resources for both students and teaching staff
  • A network that can scale to grow alongside the student population
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