Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi: Elevating classroom learning with simplified IT

Avatar_NewDog Ruckus Networks November 15, 2018
The insatiable demand for reliable, fast and secure Wi-Fi coverage throughout classrooms, buildings, and campuses can be challenging for school administrators. Indeed, digital instruction is forecast to jump from 10 to 50 percent of curricula over the next three years. Moreover, the use of high-bandwidth applications – including VR/AR, UHD/4K video-based instruction and immersive student content creation – is growing. Students and teachers are also bringing more devices to classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, and auditoriums. This is precisely why Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi delivers fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi in high-density environments. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi also provides the coverage, capacity and high availability to power one-to-one Chromebook deployments, as well as bandwidth intensive applications like streaming 4K/UHD video. Moreover, Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi allows you to see and manage your entire network from a single intuitive dashboard. In addition, Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi offers wizard guided workflows with more advanced features that can either be displayed or hidden, depending on user preference. This expanded feature list includes SSID scheduling, rate limiting options, channel selection, and access point (AP) grouping. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi can be accessed via our intuitive smartphone app, making it easy to monitor and manage your Wi-Fi network on-the-go. Moreover, you can quickly add new APs by scanning the serial number with your smartphone – or view the status of your entire network from anywhere. You can also receive real-time notifications about network issues and resolve many of them without having to travel to each site. Of course, we can't talk about Wi-Fi without talking about security. Ruckus offers dynamic pre-shared keys – DPSK – which issues unique login credentials for each device and user. Put simply, this allows users to access the wired/wireless network using their own personal key, which is provided as part of the network onboarding process. In contrast, with conventional pre-shared keys (PSKs), multiple, or even all, users share the same key. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi also makes it easy to see which students, clients and applications are using your network resources, so you can easily change, limit and revoke access. Plus, we take care of security updates and patches so you're always up to date. Interested in learning more about Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi? You can check out our Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi product.

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