12 Days of Fiber

Bio_Blog friendly Phil Sorsky December 19, 2018

12 Days of Fiber_balloons_blog friendlyAs we enter the festive period, CommScope asks you to reflect on the importance of fiber. Here are 12 highlights to consider as we enter the new year.

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Day One – Celebrate: CommScope is celebrating 50 years of innovation in Belgium. CommScope’s long-standing facility in Kessel Lo manufactures fiber connectivity in support of Europe and the world’s wireless, telecom, broadband and enterprise network operators. The global hub of fiber innovation includes an advanced manufacturing technology center, research and development labs, more than 1,000 patents and a customer and employee experience center.

Day Two – Recognize: During the Innovators in Action Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina, more than 75 of our global colleagues, including those based in Kessel Lo, came together to present their latest innovations, discuss future trends and celebrate our success. In fact, CommScope recognized more than 50 team members representing 36 award-winning engineering and technology projects from 2017 that demonstrate the company’s best agility, breakthrough, cost reduction, and customer impact innovations.

Day Three – Gratitude: We are grateful for Nobel Prize winner Sir Charles Kuen Kao, the man who changed the way the world communicates by transmitting light in fibers for optical communication. The EU FTTH Council celebrates his birthday on 4 November each year on ‘Gimme Fibre Day.’

Day Four – Create: In response to questions from customers who are deploying an FTTX network for the first time or who are curious about new technologies, CommScope summarized this knowledge into an e-Book that shares with customers CommScope’s considerable fiber expertise.

Day Five –Innovate: CommScope continues to invest in fiber innovation like the top promising innovation FACT Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) platform that has the potential to have significant impact on the industry, much like some of the others from our past.

Day Six – Educate: CommScope continues to invest in the future workforce, collaborating with organizations like Leuven Mindgate. Students based in Leuven have access to CommScope labs to work on projects related to electric cars and 3D printing, for example.

Day Seven – Remember: CommScope met with customers, partners and industry leaders during FTTH conferences around the globe. One CEO explained how his organization is using an existing electricity network to provide fiber broadband to homes and businesses, enabling speeds of 1 gigabit per second.

Day EightLearn: The optical fiber network infrastructures installed today will typically see four generations of transmission systems over the network’s expected lifetime. If you are involved in the design or installation of FTTx solutions and wish to improve your knowledge and working practices, consider taking the WR9422 FTTx Cables and Connector Fundamentals course.

Day Nine – Watch: One thing that will support the push for 5G is fiber. In a recent Facebook Live, Morgan Kurk talked with Joe Depa about 5G, pushing fiber and how CommScope is supporting service providers needs in these two areas.

Day Ten – Read: Communication networks are evolving, and operators need to be prepared for tomorrow. The fourth issue of the CommScope Digital Magazine shares a variety of stories discussing the expertise needed to power future networks.

Day Eleven – Grow: Federal and local government funding plays an important role in stimulating development of network infrastructure, tightly coupled with GDP growth. Europe, the United States and thriving economic centers in Asia Pacific (e.g. Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong) are leading the world when it comes to the provision of fast, reliable broadband, which suggests a relationship between available bandwidth and economic health.

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Phil Sorsky

Phil Sorsky, is senior vice president of Service Providers Sales for Europe, Middle East, and Africa for CommScope. Phil is responsible for all business in the telecommunications space including mobility and fixed line. Phil has more than 20 years of telecommunications industry experience, having worked for and made significant contributions to industry leaders such as Juniper Networks, Adobe Systems, Cisco Systems and AT&T. In his most recent position, Phil was Juniper’s vice president of sales for the United Kingdom and portions of northern Europe, where he was responsible for sales, technical support and marketing. He is a graduate of the University of Birmingham in the UK.