150 million emails in one minute: How CommScope approaches demand

Think of everything you’ve done on the Internet in the last minute. Sent an email, ordered lunch online, shopped for clothes, swiped left. And that’s just you. Now imagine everyone in the world doing the same thing. That’s a lot of demand on the nearest data centers. But here’s the good news: CommScope knows how to help. In this blog post, Niall McAndrew shows us an interactive way to build up the network.

So much happens in an Internet minute. People search online 2.4 million times. They send 150 million emails. They watch nearly 70,000 hours of streaming video. That’s a lot of demand on out-of-date or even near-obsolete data centers.

IT managers need to pack in more fiber connections with dwindling physical space. And keeping track of everything? You can’t do it with spreadsheets anymore; the impact of any small human error is too great.

I talk more about it in this video – take a look at how we approach the explosive demand for bandwidth.