3 Reasons why CALA is a force for CommScope

Adriana Antonelli 2 Adriana Antonelli March 1, 2018

2018_DataCenter_360x203Economic issues in several countries coupled with natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes have created challenging market conditions in the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) region. However, these same issues exist in other regions of the world. So, what makes CALA special? I have a few ideas, and they have nothing to do with politics or weather. In fact, my ideas are why this particular region will be a continued focus for CommScope in the future.

The first thing is a great team. It can surpass a great challenge, right? But a team is more than co-workers; it involves our partners. Let me explain.

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Clients need to solve their network infrastructure issues and are not willing to wait. That is why channel partnerships are important to help CommScope quickly meet customer needs and demands. In the future, we see networking infrastructure sold by companies that have never done business with us. This means an increased effort to not only maintain our current loyal channels, but also reaching out to engage with new target audiences.

That doesn’t mean that we forget about our internal teams. Since I have been leading regional marketing in CALA and interacting with all cross functional teams in many countries, I have truly seen one collaborative and energetic team.

Recently a new acronym has been driving our business and is led by our top management this year. It is called PACE = Passionate, Accountable, Collaborative and Energetic. PACE is CALA and it always has been.

Secondly, CommScope has a focus on company values and ethics. This focus provides the guidance for how every employee and partner does business.

More and more, we are witnessing anti-corruption policies in the region. Governments are taking extra precautions when doing business, and corporate clients are seeking to work with companies that are ethical and trustworthy. In the past, values did not play a part in winning businesses, but we see this changing. As a Brazilian and part of the Latin American market, I am confident that customers will prefer doing business in an ethical way which aligns to CommScope’s values.

Finally, CALA has a new leader for enterprise sales, Ed Solis. Ed brings a new light and focus in the region that includes an emphasis on teams and values. Last year, I had the opportunity to have Ed as my mentor in CommScope’s leadership program, so I personally know that Ed is committed, focused and supportive on all levels. Recently, Ed was at the North American BICSI show where we caught up with him and asked him about the opportunities he sees in CALA. ( LINK TO VIDEO)

I’ve shared a few reasons why CALA will remain in the spotlight at CommScope. Let’s not forget one more important thing -- readiness. We believe the market is ready as the economy has given signs of recovery. CommScope is ready with a consolidated, competitive portfolio. And we have no doubt that our partner community is ready.

Are you ready to join us in the CALA spotlight?

About the Author

Adriana Antonelli 2

Adriana Antonelli

Adriana Justi Antonelli is CommScope's marketing manger for the Latin America and Caribbean region. She joined CommScope in 2012 with the task of leading the wireless business marketing for region. Following CommScope's acquisition TE Connectivity’s Telecom, Enterprise and Wireless businesses in 2015, Adriana was appointed to the position of regional marketing manager for all businesses including wireline and the expanded enterprise business.

Adriana has more than 20 years experience in the IT and telecom industry having held leadership positions at Samsung, AOC (Envision) and also Epson and Philips in various marketing and media positions.

She holds a master’s degree in Marketing at ESPM - Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (Brazil) and a BA in Communication with advertising and marketing majors.