4 Reasons Why You Must Learn about Passive Infrastructure

How important is passive infrastructure to you and society? It keeps us connected at every moment of our life. Proper passive infrastructure training is the gateway to your network’s success. In this vlog, James Donovan provides you with four reasons why you should learn more about passive infrastructure and how the CommScope Infrastructure Academy can help you.

IA_ebook_coverBefore I start, let me explain what passive infrastructure is and why it is important to you.

The term “passive infrastructure” denotes the widest possible coverage of transmission media used in networks today – copper (twisted pair and coax), fiber optic, RF wireless and microwave. As the name suggests, the focus is on the parts of the network often hidden in the wall, underground or above the streets, rather than the “active” components of a network that often get most attention. Active components are those devices that must be supplied with external power (i.e., AC, DC, PoE) to function. They also boost the power of the signals.

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We use passive infrastructure every day with our smartphones and tablets. We cannot connect to the internet without using it.

What makes this so important is the technology. More and more devices are connecting to networks every day. Networks need to handle massive amounts of data, and passive infrastructure is key to making this happen.

Predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) also expect that by 2020, almost 50 billion devices will be connecting to networks. Staying up to date in an ever-growing, ever-evolving market is difficult. To make the most of this opportunity, accessible passive infrastructure training is the gateway to success. This is where the CommScope Infrastructure Academy comes into action.

In this video, I provide you with four reasons why you need to learn about passive infrastructure and how the Infrastructure Academy can help you. So, watch this video and make sure you get your copy of the Infrastructure Academy’s passive infrastructure eBook here. This way you can better understand the passive infrastructure that underpins your network.