Have you noticed that the same fiber optic cable designs are being used for both the distribution and drop portions of FTTx networks? They are being used in spite of the fact that their application demands are different.

Broadband providers require the flexibility of deploying a fiber optic cable designed specifically for the drop portion of a network. Why would you want a cable designed to hold 12 fibers when you only need one or two? With our long, rich history in the cable industry, CommScope’s research and development department has designed many different solutions. As our customers have evolved, so has CommScope. Fiber optic cable design is no different, so that’s why CommScope designed a cable that helps operators address bothaerial and underground conduit drop applications.

The Low Count Fiber Drop cable is a small, cost effective fiber optic drop cable designed specifically with true drop applications in mind. The Low Count Fiber Drop is a design uniquely focused on addressing the specific requirements in the tap to subscriber connection.

Craft-friendly solutions are a requirement in today’s fast-paced world. The LC Fiber Drop cable is a gel-free design that makes field prep easier. The small (4 mm × 2 mm), lightweight (8 lbs per 1,000 ft), all-dielectric Low Count Fiber Drop cable also eliminates the time and cost associated with bonding and grounding.

The LC Fiber Drop cable is not just a stand-alone cable product offering from CommScope, but it was designed to compliment our BrightPath® Optical Solutions (BOS™). This provides operators the ability to implement a true drop cable into the system.

How have CommScope cables or BOS helped you deploy an FTTx network?

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Kelly Patrick joined CommScope in 1996. During those 15 years, she has held positions in both the Customer Service and Product Management departments. Currently Kelly is the Product Manager-OSP Fiber for the Broadband Business Unit.

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Very much interesting. We are reputed Telecom Company in Sri Lanka.How can I get a sample for further study please.

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