High performance infrastructure products—whether antennas, cables or connectors—are designed and manufactured to exacting standards. Even the smallest manufacturing or material variances can affect performance.

This is not just a dilemma for the manufacturer but also the customer. Customers expect to get the performance they paid for.

 In the buying process, customers use a variety of ways, including research and testing, to try and assure their requirements are met. These include:

 - Manufacturer’s warranty and specifications

- Compliance to industry standards

- Pre-installation 'bake-off' tests

- Independent test reports

While these efforts offer some peace of mind and benchmarking for a customer, they are based on specific product samples or tests and not the actual product the customer deploys in his or her network.

Peace of mind in that regard can only come from access to the production test data of a product. Now wouldn't that be great?

Well, CommScope's patented WebTrak® system is designed to empower customers to access the test data for their purchased products via an online system. For the first time, this can also be accessed via a mobile device with the launch of the new cTrak® mobile app.

 See the new app in action in the video.


The hope is that this innovation will add value to your operations, but let us know what you think.

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James Donovan is Vice President of the CommScope Infrastructure Academy. James joined CommScope in 1993 and has held positions in Sales, Technical, Marketing, Training and Business Development and served most recently as VP of Digital and Creative Services for CommScope. James oversees the CommScope Infrastructure Academy, which is CommScope’s partner and customer training platform. Prior to joining the company, he held positions at GEC, ITT and Alcatel. He holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and a BSc Honors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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