Sometimes what you expect will most impress a customer is not exactly what does.

One of our wireless operator customers has been trialing our eight kilowatt fuel cell backup power solution for the last few months. Early results are really positive with overall power consumption down by 50 percent, the network operational 100 percent of the time, and 10 times the amount of backup power available. One lesser known feature of the fuel cell solution, though, has been quite impressive to our customer—the reduced noise.

Contrary to diesel engines and other back-up power means, fuel cells are quiet. That might not seem like a big deal, but this trial site is very close to a resort area. The noise had been a source of numerous complaints. Not only does the operator have lower power costs now with a better backup power solution, but they are making the neighbors happy. And saving themselves some additional headaches.

 The reduced carbon footprint that goes along with a fuel cell solution should make the neighbors happy, too. With a fuel cell solution, the backup power carbon footprint is essentially eliminated. This means less air pollution in addition to other benefits, which at this trial site include:

  • The baseband unit and microwave link equipment are housed in the backup power cabinet, allowing the operator to remove the shelter it had been using. This arrangement is more efficient, contributing to the significant reduction in power usage.

  • Remote monitoring, which has practically eliminated maintenance truck rolls to the site. This cost-cutting benefit is especially important at this trial site, which happens to be difficult to get to.

Our fuel cell backup power solution is a proven alternative to traditional backup power methods. It provides instantaneous power upon loss of AC or DC power. It can significantly lower power consumption, the carbon footprint, operating expenses, and just as importantly, noise levels.


Sometimes it’s the things you don’t expect that have the biggest impact. 

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Lindsay Allen is director of strategic planning and marketing, Carrier and Cabinet Solutions, responsible for global product management of CommScope’s environmental secure enclosures for wireless and wireline networks. Prior to joining CommScope, Lindsay spent 13 years with General Instrument and Motorola in various marketing, strategy and business intelligence positions for numerous broadband access network technology product lines (cable modem CPE, VoIP CPE, digital cable headend and set-top boxes). In addition to his technical business roles with CommScope, Motorola, General Instrument, and Ampex, Lindsay brings more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Lindsay holds a BS in chemical engineering from University of Florida and an MBA from University of Central Florida.

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