A New Generation of Data Centers on the Horizon

Rodney Casteel (2) Rodney Casteel February 12, 2013

The data center space has gone through rapid growth and change over the last few years. The way data centers are being designed, deployed and even thought about today is radically different than just a few years ago. The traditional design criteria, principles and formulas for how best to layout and implement a data center are quickly becoming obsolete. A new generation of data centers is on the horizon.

So, what is fueling this revolutionary change that is taking place in the data center space? Which technologies are pushing data centers into this unprecedented growth cycle now and into the very near future? How will those newer technologies shape the way the data centers look and function? How will the IT personnel deal with this explosive growth and change? Which infrastructure solutions are best suited to optimize and accommodate this change?

The explosion in information generation, processing and storage is one of the key engines fueling much of this change. The new era of “mobile” everything makes this information growth explode as we move forward. What about the new buzz words like Cloud, Virtualization and Mesh Architectures? Will they be part of the future solutions or just passing fads? Will a 1.5x increase in IT personnel over the next 5 – 10 years really be enough to handle all these changes? Come join me as we explore all these questions and more at this year’s Data Center Dynamics conference in Atlanta,Ga.

I will present on technology trends, market drivers, data center challenges and current data center solution trends at the event on Friday, February 15, from 12:50 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

I hope to see you there.

About the Author

Rodney Casteel (2)

Rodney Casteel

Rodney is a Principal Field Application Engineer, for CommScope. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, he provides optical, copper, wireless and intelligent infrastructure design, engineering and technical support for CommScope’s Enterprise customers; as well as, high-level pre-sales technical consultation services for the CommScope sales team. In addition to his role within CommScope, Rodney is also serving his 12th term as Chair of the TIA Fiber Optics Technology Consortium where he works closely with the TIA staff and other manufacturers within the industry to develop tools and resources to assist end-users, consultants and engineers with the decision process, design phase, and deployment of fiber optic networks within the enterprise. 

Rodney joined CommScope in 2003 serving as a technical and applications specialist for copper and fiber network infrastructures. Prior to joining CommScope, he was a Master Instructor and Field Engineer for Lucent Technologies. He worked closely with Bell Labs scientists to develop products and processes for both outside plant and in-building network infrastructures. As a liaison between the labs and field teams, he also contributed to several technical books and journals. 

Rodney has been a BICSI member for 21 years and holds the designations of Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), Network Transport Specialist (NTS), Outside Plant Specialist (OSP) and Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC).  Prior to being elected as chair of the FOTC he served three terms as vice chair of the communications subcommittee. Rodney is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and seminars and a contributor to many industry trade publications and author of industry technical papers.