A Plan of Attack for New Year’s Resolutions—and imVision

harvey_headshot Harvey Ng January 21, 2013

Now that the New Year’s celebration is done and over with, most of you are probably getting back into the groove of things and thinking about your resolutions list. Ah, yes, the annual New Year’s resolutions list, a way of creating goals and ideals for the next 365 days.

My list is pretty typical: lose 15 pounds and exercise more are two of them. In order to accomplish any of the more complicated goals on my list, I always have to assign smaller goals leading up to the finale. If I don’t do this, the ultimate goal will sit in limbo because, in my mind, I still have the rest of the year to accomplish this. Before you know it, the end of the year is nigh and you are no closer to finishing out your list than when you first started. In order to stay on track and not lose focus on your goal, you need create a detailed plan of attack.

This way of thinking is crucial if you are considering deployment of our newly revamped intelligent infrastructure product, imVision. In order to fully realize the ultimate goal of using imVision to its full potential, you need a plan of attack. In order to help with the planning, implementation, and final handover of the intelligent solution, CommScope has written a very detailed document which can be accessed here.

This document is meant to be used throughout the process so everyone knows their role in the grand scheme of things. If you follow the checklist and the suggested process flow, you will definitely be happy with your final outcome.

Just like with any of the other goals you made on your New Year’s resolution list, with the right plan of attack, you will be happy with the outcome and look forward to the next challenge.

About the Author


Harvey Ng

Harvey Ng is a Technical Manager for CommScope and is based in northern Ohio. Harvey has been working with CommScope’s intelligence solution “iPatch” for the past 4 years and has helped implement it at sites all around the United States. His biggest iPatch installation that he was involved in was the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium located in Arlington, TX. Harvey has BS in Business Administration as well as one in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Dallas.