A Small Town’s Impact on Big Business

The Claremont, N.C. facility is where CommScope manufactures copper, fiber and coax cabling solutions. It is a big operation located in a small town. During a recent tour, it was evident that the people who work there are dedicated to the company and look for ways to help CommScope be successful every day.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the CommScope offices in Claremont, N. C where we primarily manufacture copper, fiber and coax cabling solutions. While in town, I wanted to tour the facility to get a better understanding of the manufacturing processes so I could integrate that knowledge into the work I do at my office in Texas. Normally, a visit like this wouldn’t necessitate a blog, but I felt like there are a few things people outside of CommScope should know about the Claremont facility.

First and foremost, I was struck by the size of the building. At just under 600,000 square feet and with approximately 600 employees, it was impressive to see. I knew the amount of cable and apparatus the facility produced, but actually seeing it in person gave me a new appreciation for the enormity of the operation. Also, I was impressed not only by the efficiencies of the existing manufacturing processes, but by the dedication to the continual improvement of how we do things. The team doesn’t rest on its laurels and is constantly looking for ways to improve. Finally, I was glad to see the focus around environmental stewardship. Manufacturing facilities produce a lot of waste – it is good to see the processes we have in place to not only significantly minimize the waste created, but to responsibly recycle the waste generated. Forty different types of materials are reclaimed at the facility, which means a sizeable portion of potential waste is responsibly reused or recycled and kept from the landfill.

While these things are inspiring, what impressed me most were the people I met.

When speaking with the factory team members, I found that the majority of people I spoke to have been with CommScope for a significant amount of time - some up to 30 years. In some cases, a father would be working in one part of the facility and his son in another. The experience and knowledge they have gained over the years help give us viewpoints of efficiencies that can’t easily be quantified. The pride they showed in working for CommScope was remarkable as they are truly dedicated to the company and look for ways to help CommScope be successful every day. The pride they exhibited in working for the company was palpable and contagious. For them working for CommScope is not just a job, it’s part of who they are.

The men and women I met on the trip emphasized something I already knew. CommScope has some of the best people in the industry. We are the market leader, and the reason for our success is due in no small part to our people from small towns.

They are truly a major competitive advantage, and I’m proud to call them my colleagues.