A Year of More, and More for the Future

There is now “more” to CommScope. In an eventful 2015, the company greatly expanded its innovation, solutions and scale. All that and more are detailed in “More,” the company’s 2015 annual report to shareholders.

2015_Annual_Report_CoverIt’s almost impossible to summarize any year in one word. However, one does stand out when reviewing CommScope’s 2015—and that word is “more.” In spending approximately $3 billion to acquire the Broadband Network Solutions business from TE Connectivity, CommScope transformed itself yet again, creating a stronger company with more global scale, more innovation and more solutions to customer challenges.

More. It is the theme of CommScope’s just-issued 2015 annual report to shareholders, in which:

  • Eddie Edwards, president and chief executive officer, recaps the eventful year;
  • Randy Crenshaw, executive vice president and chief operating officer, reviews the BNS acquisition and status of creating the new CommScope; and
  • David Redfern and Ben Cardwell, the leaders of CommScope’s two new business units, discuss why fiber optics and wireless will be the essential building blocks of virtually all future networks.

And a whole lot more. Here is a glimpse of what you will find in the report:

“We are in the early stages of what may be the greatest transformation of networking yet, driven by consumer use (smartphone adoption, social media, mobility, video consumption) and by technology (cloud networks, 5G wireless standard development, intelligent buildings, virtualization, Internet of Things).”—Eddie Edwards

“This is a three-year endeavor, so the journey is far from complete. However, we already have accomplished so much, including significant organizational structure changes, staffing decisions, HR and payroll system conversions, product line reconciliations, branding and much more.”—Randy Crenshaw

“The amount of data being consumed…continues to rise at impressive rates. Fiber is the most efficient technology to transport large amounts of data very quickly and reliably. We see fiber as the best technology to meet the needs for today’s and tomorrow’s expanding bandwidth demands.”—David Redfern

“The network is being used to transport a wide variety of data ranging from bandwidth- and latency-intensive medical imaging data to very low bit-rate telemetry data used for asset management. The excitement of this is that there no longer is a limit to the number of connections required for the wireless network—it is literally infinite.”—Ben Cardwell

Learn more by reading “More”—the 2015 CommScope Annual Report.