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It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that wireless traffic is on the rise (It’s been a common theme in my blog postings). Previously, I focused on several key themes:

  • How do operators upgrade technology on existing sites?

  • How do you reduce your OpEx and CapEx?

  • How can you deploy solutions that are effective as well as energy efficient?

When upgrading a cell site, traditional methods of power amplification are not typically energy efficient. It’s a simple equation for operators—increased coverage and capacity equals increased energy costs. As energy costs continue to rise, effectively managing network energy demands becomes even more critical.


With multi-carrier power amplifiers (MCPA) from CommScope, operators can provide cost effective capacity growth and coverage extension. Each standard field replaceable unit is highly configurable for indoor and outdoor applications. Packed with full RF-band filtering, platform interoperability, scalable capacity and easy onsite reconfiguration, it enables operators to add capacity and fill holes in coverage without increasing tower inventory.

Each MCPA can also be deployed as an active combiner. That means operators can increase carrier power without sacrificing coverage, and this translates into more capacity with fewer sites.

The MCPA solution allows operators to:

  • Increase site revenues by extending downlink coverage

  • Maximize OpEx dollars by adding capacity without adding antennas

  • Reduce tower loading and lease costs

Using low-energy-loss power cable and more efficient MCPAs, operators’ overall cell site power load can be reduced by as much as 30 percent.


Example of coverage issues: Additional base stations will substantially increase energy consumption.

MCPA or Tower Mounted Amplifiers can extend coverage of existing sites while minimizing the increase in energy consumption.

Don’t you think it’s time you upgrade to a cost competitive solution without affecting your wireless coverage?

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Anil K. Trehan is Vice-president of Energy Solutions, for CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. In this position, he is responsible for development of new energy products and solutions for the telecommunications carrier market, including wireless and wireline service providers. Mr. Trehan has presented on energy savings solutions at various international conferences and trade shows. He has four patents and eight patent pending applications to his credit. In his 25 years of work experience, he has held several technical management and engineering positions at Avaya, Lucent Technologies, AT&T – Bell Labs, and General Electric. Mr. Trehan has a masters and bachelors degree in Engineering.

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