In a previous blog post, I offered some considerations to be made when selecting an infrastructure solution and associated extended warranty.  However, determining the value of an extended warranty for an infrastructure solution is often in the eye of the beholder. For some, it offers security and peace of mind knowing their investment is protected. Others believe it’s a worthless piece of paper, offered only to raise profile while appearing to provide a value.

To help ensure you’re not feeling the latter of these situations, the following is what I hope is some  useful advice on warranties.

After reviewing all the facts surrounding your decision whether or not to select a particular system with associated extended warranty, take a step back and look at the risk versus reward. What’s the worst possible damage that could happen to your network, and how strongly will the manufacturer stand by their product?

It’s often an unanswerable question and standard that can’t be defined or measured. You have to ask yourself the ‘what if’questions, and decide if the risk outweighs the reward or vice-versa.

In either case, I believe you need to make the decision for yourself, not because someone says you need one.

What do you look for in an infrastructure warranty?

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James Donovan is Vice President of the CommScope Infrastructure Academy. James joined CommScope in 1993 and has held positions in Sales, Technical, Marketing, Training and Business Development and served most recently as VP of Digital and Creative Services for CommScope. James oversees the CommScope Infrastructure Academy, which is CommScope’s partner and customer training platform. Prior to joining the company, he held positions at GEC, ITT and Alcatel. He holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and a BSc Honors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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2 comments for "Are You Getting Value From An Infrastructure Solution Warranty?"

James, one of your "Do's" is for the contractor to have the Design and Installation documentation available....this is now on line unless having completed the D&E courses we should expect to receive this documentation. Or is it you are expecting for us to download and have iit printed off ... would it not be more prudent to have these as a series of PDFs? Regards, Randall


Hi Randall, The one thing I can confidently say is that Commscope is not short of documentation, in fact there is so much the problem sometimes is selecting which documents to leave out. As a BusinessPartner, you can access all the documents from the portal. There are extensive links to design, application assurance and installation documents for all our products. From a training course perspective, each course has a downloads area where relevant documents can also be sourced. If you cannot find anything, please let you local Commscope team know. It is true that we have moved away from printing and shipping large binders of infromation around the world, as this is not a very 'green' approach. So yes, documents are made available digitally, and then can be selected for the application and printed locally if required.

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