Are You Losing Your Server?

Are you losing your server? Do you know all about the latest tools to help optimize the operations and performance of your data center? An intelligent infrastructure management solution may be the answer.

Data Center Infrastructure Management ChallengesAre you expected to cut costs and decrease the energy consumption of your facilities without compromising the level of security or reducing bandwidth?

Virtualization seems to be part of the solution, but imagine trying to explain when you lose a “virtual” server. It sounds impossible but many data center operators admit to having lost a virtual server at one point.

Recently, new tools were introduced to help optimize the operations and performance of your data center. Advanced Infrastructure Management (AIM) allows you to have visibility of your network, provide security, control, and monitor your physical copper and fiber infrastructure up to the port level. In conjunction with adata center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution, you can monitor the energy consumption of the data center, its backup power sources and much more. Being able to track and create analysis reports that empower you to be pro-active are some of the biggest advantages of these management solutions. With more data centers looking to deploy 100 Gbps by 2016, it is now more critical than ever to include a management solution for the next step of the transition.

Do you know where the cables are connected? Were you able to keep records of all the changes made throughout the years? Every time you are asked to make a change or an upgrade, are you selecting the right cables? Are you aware of the consequences if you lose a connection? If you answered “no” to at least one of these questions, you may want to re-evaluate your readiness for the future.

Learn more about these solutions and how bringing intelligence into your the data center can keep you from losing your server while being better prepared for the future at this year’s Data Center Dynamics Converged conference in Washington, DC.

You can hear more about these infrastructure management solutions during my presentation entitled: “Are You Losing Your Server?” It will take place Thursday, May 2 from 1:40 - 2:20 p.m. in Hall 1 at the Hyatt RegencyReston.

I hope to see you there.