Are You Torturing IT With Your Mobile Device?

Do you bring your own mobile device to your place of business? Mobile technology is growing from a trend to a must-have in the workplace. Joe Storey discusses this trend and the necessary infrastructure to support a mobile workforce in his latest blog.

IT TortureWere you the first of your friends to have a personal computer in your home? Were you the first on your block to have a broadband cable modem installed? Were you the first to install a wireless modem in your home and not be tethered down with your new laptop? Lastly, did you convince your spouse you needed an iPhone and stood in line to buy one? Maybe you laughed at Apple’s iPad branding and now you, your spouse and children each own one.

Congratulations! You are a technology guru and will bring those devices to your office.

Now, you torture corporate IT by bringing your own smartphone and tablet to work. Soon, you will be the owner of a newly- termed, “phablet.” These days, your company-issued laptop may seem too big to carry on the airplane and around the office.

You may no longer be physically tethered to a cable but you are electronically leashed. Work comes to the house and home comes to work; there is no longer a clear delineation between the two and no permanent demarcation. Hence most businesses are recognizing that it is to their advantage to allow staff to bring their own devices to work and to allow these devices to connect to and interact with secure business networks.

In today’s business world, an in-building-wireless solution is a must-have for any employer to remain cutting edge and enhance employee satisfaction. Therefore, technological gurus like you need to ensure your company is installing an overlay Category 6A structure cabled network to support future Gigabit 802.11ac WLAN and other future wireless deployment without having to rerun new cabling every time technologies change.

This ensures your company is keeping up with the growing mobile workforce, allowing for future employees to “sync up” with their colleagues.

Are you torturing your IT department with your mobile device(s)? Does your organization have sufficient infrastructure to handle the growing bring-your-own-device trend? If you have any comments or questions about the required infrastructure to support mobile technology, leave a comment below and I will be happy to provide some guidance.