Are the Tools for Advancing Your Data Center Available Today?

Matt Baldassano Matt Baldassano August 1, 2013

The data center industry continues to go through significant changes.

Data center managers must contend with increasing energy costs and storage requirements in the face of budget, capacity and service level agreement constraints.

Gone are the days when entire data center halls would be cabled out on the first day; in today’s business environment, a modular approach is required to reduce capital expenditure as well as quickly accommodate any changes in network design or architecture.

There are also opportunities to extend the traditional physical layer infrastructure to support new technologies such as smart LED lighting in the data center. In recent years, lighting control and network platforms have converged over common cabling. Our recent acquisition of Redwood Systems and its building-performance lighting platform lets CommScope provide one of the industry’s most comprehensive and automated infrastructure management platforms for optimizing data centers.

Extending the value of the infrastructure is imperative as enterprises learn how intelligence helps to better utilize what they already own. An intelligent infrastructure management solution, like imVision, provides real-time location-based information on the physical layer helping to best utilize network assets.

Data center infrastructure management solutions like those offered through iTRACSmonitor IT, facilities and building management systems. This functionality gives the data center manager and their teams the tools needed to optimize today and plan for tomorrow.

My colleagues and I enjoy discussing these topics and CommScope’s views on maximizing investment in the physical layer infrastructure and its impact on the layers it supports. We’ll do so again very soon, along with other industry experts, at the upcomingIT Roadmap Conference and Exposeries to be held in New York (August 7), Dallas/Fort Worth (September 24) and San Jose (October 24). We will address the full range of data center issues under the track entitled; “Maximizing Investment in the Data Center Infrastructure.” If you would like to attend, you can register here:

For a preview, Steve Schmerber, CommScope’s regional technical manager for Enterprise Solutions, developed this video covering his topic at the IT Roadmap event:

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Matt Baldassano

Matt Baldassano

Matt Baldassano supports the Northeast Region of CommScope as a Technical Director– Enterprise Solutions specializing in Data Center connectivity. He has served roles as Business Development Manager and Technical Marketing Engineer with CommScope’s Data Center Business Unit. His experience also includes responsibilities as Account Engineer in New York City and Dallas TX for EMC2 corporation serving both wired data centers and in-building wireless systems and has written topics on wireless security. Matt holds a BS in Computer Science from St John’s University and a MS in Technology from the University of Advancing Technology.