Asia Pacific Could Lead the Way in Intelligent and Green Buildings

Do you know the difference between an intelligent building and a green building? In his blog, Brent Boekestein discusses the two kinds of buildings and why there is a greater demand for them in the Asia Pacific region.

GreenBuildingThere is an increasing awareness and support for the growth of green and sustainable buildings in the Asia Pacific region. This is a result of government initiatives and a large number of enterprises that are putting more emphasis on the development of buildings that are both intelligent and green. These buildings would be more resource efficient, occupant smart and optimized for space. They will also bring about cost savings in the long run and achieving high levels of energy efficiency. All this would impact the environment in a positive way.

There is a clear difference that sets apart an intelligent building from a green building. An intelligent building is connected across the structures, systems, processes and management where it can respond to the occupants of the building. A green building looks at how you build, design and execute the construction of a space to minimize the use of resources.

The adoption of specific intelligent building technologies, such as building controls, is consistently growing in Asia at a rate of 30 to 40 percent annually. There is substantial thought leadership happening in large markets such as Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong, which are setting prime examples for other developing markets in Asia to follow. The three key drivers setting the standards for intelligent buildings in Asia are higher energy costs, technology adoption and forward thinking governments.

According to a recent report by BSRIA, the rate of urbanization in Asia is growing exponentially and is estimated to consume approximately 45 percent of the world’s energy by 2030. The urban buildings in Asia will most likely be the biggest consumers of energy. With the presence of the Internet of Things (IoT), efficient building technologies that can help make buildings greener and intelligent are gaining ground in the struggle to deal with the rising population and energy usage trend.

In a recent video, I spoke about the intelligent building market in Asia and how intelligent buildings in Asia are heading towards a greener future.

What do you think about the greatest initiatives driving green and intelligent buildings?