Bandwidth Gains Will Benefit All of Africa

There are so many benefits to deploying high-speed fiber networks. One part of the world that will benefit from this technology is Africa. In this Fiber Friday vlog, Pape Ndaw explains how Africa will reap the benefits of deploying more fiber, thus improving connectivity leading to better healthcare and agriculture.

This blog post is part of a new video blog series—Fiber Friday. Our subject matter experts will provide you with some insight into the world of fiber optics, covering various industry topics.

There is no doubt that bandwidth can benefit everyone. Today, you can advance your education, buy anything you want or stay in contact with friends and family around the world.

As I stated in my last vlog, Africa is an emerging market for telecoms; however, it faces challenges. Even with challenges, there is huge potential for the more than one billion people living there.

In my latest vlog, I discuss the benefits to be gained in e-healthcare, agriculture and the spread of African culture by deploying high-speed networks on the continent.