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Sylvio Peres 3-22-17--thumb Sylvio Peres March 23, 2017
MWC17--compressedDuring CommScope’s participation in Mobile World Congress 2017, I was proud to observe a much greater presence on the part of our Latin American clients, and to see more and more people from our region at the event. Having a larger presence at this, the largest trade show for wireless communications worldwide, even with it being on a different continent, speaks of the great cultural synergy that has arisen in the industry. For me, this represents an important advance for both the Latin American region and the telecommunications industry.

At MWC17, we received many engineers in the CommScope stand who deal with us on a daily basis, all very interested in the solutions we offer, but their interest did not only stay in our products. People approached us with their network challenges, told us about their specific projects, and asked us questions seeking our opinion. They were interested in talking to us in order to determine the situation they want for their networks. For CommScope, this is rewarding because we have worked hard over the years to not only be a global benchmark in infrastructure solutions and networks, but also to become consultants and opinion leaders in the industry.

Having clients come to us asking for our proposals, suggestions and solutions to their problems is the essence of our objective. We have been working hard in Latin America to build greater collaboration with our customers; seeing this happen at MWC was re-assuring. We have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a company in whom customers trust and to whom they come.

Now more than ever, it is very important to have a reliable and agile partners, as the emergence of smart cities and the Internet of Things is gaining more and more traction in people's lives. That's why we at CommScope will remain committed to our customers, helping them prepare for these new technologies through our experience, solutions and insights. This is how we will continue to connect people from all over the world.

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Sylvio Peres 3-22-17--thumb

Sylvio Peres

Sylvio Peres is the vice president of sales, Service Providers, Caribbean and Latin America at CommScope. He manages a diverse team that identifies solutions for the business and technical issues of network operators in CALA. Sylvio has been with CommScope, previously Andrew Corporation, since 1978 through different positions. He is graduate in electronic engineering from MAUÁ Engineering University in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Throughout his tenure, Sylvio has served on the boards of telecom industry associations such as ABIRD (a broadcasting association), ABINEE (the Brazilian National Electronic Industry Association) and Sindicel (a copper industry association).