Board Member’s Perspective: What’s Ahead for SCTE/ISBE

As an outgoing SCTE Foundation board member, CommScope’s Jim Hughes says there’s more to be done. Find out how to give back and support customers in the field with the training they need and deserve.

Jim Hughes_interview

I just came home from my 26th SCTE/ISBE Cable-Tec Expo – the annual telecommunications engineering show. Cable professionals come to hone their skills, see new innovations and sharpen their professional development (and have a little fun, too). Every year it gets bigger; this year was no exception. I’m always thrilled to see the number of attendees grow and the number of booths fill a convention space.

There is a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in the industry right now because CommScope is fiber-ready – whether it’s fiber deep, fiber-to-the-home and or even hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC). We’re optimistic as we look ahead to 2017. We see it as a year of growth for both CommScope and the industry.

It’s also the year I’ll be stepping down from my tenure as an SCTE board member. SCTE has grown so much over the last few years under the leadership of Mark Dzuban and chairmen like Mike Lajoie, Terry Cordova and Tony Werner. It’s truly been a great time to be part of the SCTE.

One of the most rewarding things about my involvement over the last decade has been the success of the SCTE Foundation. This year at Cable-Tec Expo we began a new fundraising campaign, and I’m optimistic that everyone in the industry will support it.

“We had a tremendous amount of fun raising money for the SCTE Foundation. About two years ago we completed a major campaign where we raised $2.2 million for SCTE Foundation, and it will be used for education for members of SCTE. Now we’re beginning a new campaign in 2017 in an effort to continue to fund the SCTE Foundation into the future. All of the work the Foundation has done has been a lot of fun and it’s been a great cause.”