Do you need to keep up with current technology? Want to improve your business or networking skills? Need to know how to run a project effectively? Don’t have a large budget for training? Then look no further.

The CommScope Infrastructure Academy offers comprehensive classes that enable broadband network providers--regardless of size, industry or budget--to take advantage of business and technology opportunities. The CommScope Infrastructure Academy has more than 2,000 courses accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CommScope offers courses that improve the quality and consistency of your skills, enhance ability to perform, and boost knowledge levels. The CommScope Infrastructure Academy offers a wide range of classes, which can be chosen and completed at the students’ discretion. With constant access to each of their classes, students are able to progress at a time and pace that suits them.

Within the CommScope Infrastructure Academy, we offer a comprehensive class that improves cable TV and broadband technician skills. The SP1100-CommScope Broadband Drop Installation Fundamentals course provides installers the opportunity to gain the knowledge and guidance required to perform network installation. Installers will obtain critical skills, improve their level of craftsmanship, and contribute to the overall reliability of broadband networks.

And, so, a new set of questions arises. Can the Broadband Drop Installation class:
• help your technicians?
• improve your company reliability?
• increase customer satisfaction?
• save you money?

The answer is yes to all four!

Completion of the course helps students gain the knowledge and skills required to perform their roles proficiently. In addition, installers who complete the training will be recognized as CommScope Broadband Certified Installers. This certification ensures that your customers receive the highest caliber of care and quality of performance--boosting reliability and customer satisfaction.

Now, you may ask, how will enrolling your installers in the CommScope Broadband Installation course SAVE you money? Well, that’s easy because when you enroll your installers, you are gaining a more highly skilled employee. Employees who can effortlessly complete a drop installation can save YOU hundreds of dollars that you WOULD HAVE been spending by sending them back to the customer and fix a mistake made during the initial installation.

By enrolling your installers in the CommScope Infrastructure Academy, you are not only demonstrating confidence in your employees, but acknowledging that your company can be more successful--and CommScope can help you do it.

Infrastructure is the foundation of any network, vital to performance, reliability and success. With CommScope’s Infrastructure Academy offering support to their partners and customers, CommScope is demonstrating leadership in the industry once again. At the CommScope Infrastructure Academy, we are on a quest for quality through qualification.

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Chris Gemme is Regional PLM for CommScope, a global leader in communications networks and infrastructure solutions. Gemme has more than 20 years’ experience in telecommunications. Prior to his current role, he served as director field applications engineering and as product manager of coaxial cables. Before joining CommScope, he worked at Time Warner Cable. Gemme earned his bachelor of science degree from Troy State University and his MBA from Regis University. Gemme is a member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). He has also served on the SCTE Engineering Committee, which is responsible for all standards and recommended practices activities of the Society.

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