Changing the World of Wireless with the Ceiling Connector Assembly

Everyone wants instant connectivity in their workplace. They want to be connected but they don’t want to always be sitting at their desk. As offices move to open spaces, IT managers are looking for ways to for their networks to become more flexible using structured cabling. In this blog, Brian Hanchey explains how the Ceiling Connector Assembly is the latest solution solving this connectivity problem.

Connected_Buildings_360x203Two trends are most prevalent in commercial buildings today: the use of low voltage power for powering devices and the continued growth in wireless access. Depending on the work environment, both trends mean different things because each office space is slightly different.

While there is a move to have more open and collaborative spaces in the workplace, we also know a “one size fits all” description of a customer’s workspace will never be sufficient. But without a doubt, wireless is growing. A recent Cisco VNI report states that wired/WiFi traffic will grow at an annual rate of 26 percent. This trend will lead to more connections in the ceiling and a decline in ports wired to the desktop.

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As part of the wireless trend, we’ve learned that most customers are still installing a surface mount box with a jack in the ceiling plus a patch cord to the end device. Various mounting methods are used depending on the customer’s expectations. Ironically, we also discovered that most customers are not using field-terminated plugs because of issues in repeatability and consistent performance. With the explosion of WiFi, some customers change the location of wireless access points as more density is required. Since the location is not static, flexibility is a desired attribute of the structured cabling system.

CeilingConnector2To better meet connectivity needs inside today’s commercial buildings, CommScope introduced the Ceiling Connector Assembly. It can be purchased with an 18-inch pre-terminated patch cord or individually, ensuring a factory-terminated and tested Category 6 or Category 6A RJ45 plug. This removes any concerns about repeatability and consistent performance and is available in plenum and low smoke ratings. Once dressed, the Ceiling Connector Assembly can be closed with a simple pair of pliers or even by hand.

Ceiling_Connector_2Imagine trying to terminate a plug on a ladder and making sure it tests out the first time. The Ceiling Connector Assembly is easy and repeatable every time, providing the performance CommScope customers demand. There is no need for special tools.

A Ceiling Connector Assembly provides a transition point to extend that cable pull without starting from scratch. In the changing world of wireless, the Ceiling Connector Assembly can help with the moves, adds and changes of physical access points.

If you have any questions regarding this latest CommScope innovation, please post your questions in the comment section below, and I’ll gladly respond.