CommScope participates in Hospitalar 2018 with new solutions for network infrastructure

The healthcare industry is becoming more digital. The adoption of technology and the need for connectivity is necessary to improve patient care as well as prepare the industry for the future. In this blog, Cristiano Gusmão explains how the healthcare industry continues to be more connected and its need for better network infrastructure.

2018_Healthcare_360x203According to data from Strategy & PwC's strategic consultancy, the health sector is one of the most investing in technology and innovation in the industry, with growth of 5.9 percent in research and development investment in the last year, surpassing the general average growth, which was 3.2 percent. By 2018, the health sector is expected to achieve the lead in investing in innovation. The data are part of a survey conducted with the 1,000 companies that invest the most in research and development in the world.

CLICK TO TWEET: Both new and old hospitals will have to adapt to the new technologies, to be prepared for the future. CommScope's Cristiano Gusmão explains in this blog.

In the United States alone, investments in information technology in the health sector were $7.1 billion last year, according to a study released by Healthcare Growth Partners. To get an idea of this growth rate, in 2013, the volume of investments in the health sector was United States $2.8 billion a year.

With the industry's high level of competitiveness and growing demand for network infrastructure, hospitals need to have solutions that combine efficiency, high productivity and optimal security, such as a high-performance network cabling system. CommScope's networking solutions have already helped hundreds of healthcare institutions around the world generate significant cost savings with efficiency and performance in areas requiring bandwidth, such as data center, image transmission, video surveillance, access control and voice and video communications over a single advanced IP infrastructure network, among others.

CommScope is at the forefront of network infrastructure solutions in healthcare. Our long history, expertise and innovation in network infrastructure - broadband, corporate and wireless - allows us to have a unique perspective to solve the most complex challenges of our customers, particularly in critical environments, explains the name of the executive and position in CommScope.

It is clear that technology transforms the health segment and hospitals need to be connected to the advances of the market. We believe that within a maximum of five years, both new and old hospitals will have to adapt to the new technologies, to be prepared for the future.

Hospitals are complex institutions, dealing with a large volume of patients every day and extremely sensitive data. Therefore, it is imperative that they implant technology that responds with agility and precision to their needs, such as the transmission of high-speed exams. The average transmission time of an MRI scan, for example, that using Category 6 at 1Gbps cable is 2 minutes and 40 seconds, drops to only 17 seconds with the use of a Category 6A at 10Gbps cable.

In the so-called Digital Hospital, the adoption of technology offers a competitive differential necessary for the institution to guarantee its space in the market. This innovation provides information mobility, sharing and collaboration among medical staff and management, as well as connecting the institution's network of partners (which includes outsourced employees and suppliers) and providing new business opportunities in the hospital area.

CommScope will participate in the 2018 Hospitalar, which will take place from May 22-25 at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, with its latest solutions for network infrastructure.

CommScope will highlight imVision, High Speed Migration, Powered Fiber Cable, GigaSpeed X10D and OM5 fiber optic solutions.

If you are attending Hospitalar in Brazil, come by our booth to see the latest healthcare solutions.